Ski race (60 km)

Ski marathon 60 km

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Ski race (30 km)

Лыжная гонка (30 км)

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Ski race (10 km)

Лыжная гонка (10 км)

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Karelia Sport Fest team decided to challenge the snow Onego! The second largest freshwater lake in Europe in severe Karelian frosts freezes, but the March sun warms it and ice and snow turn into a crust and it's time to challenge yourself! The ski marathon is the only one in Russia from point to point. Start on the world-famous Kizhi island, which is among the TOP ten UNESCO attractions. The starting arch, which challenged the snow Skiers, will be the gate of the Kizhi Pogost - Finish embankment of lake Onega in the city of Petrozavodsk. 60 kilometers of snow silence, uncontrollable drive and test.

This is no longer in any country in the world!

Only 80 people will be able to take part in the Kizhi SKI x-Race, but these skiers will go down in history!

Are you ready to test yourself?

Event schedule

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09:00 – Departure from Petrozavodsk to Kizhi island (airbag)

10:30 – Arrival to Kizhi island

11:00 – Start of the ski marathon at 60 km

13:0016:00 – Finish of the ski marathon on the embankment of Onega lake Petrozavodsk

14:0018:00 – Dinner of participants of the race in the restaurant "Frigate»

17:00 – award Ceremony – restaurant "Frigate»

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