run (21 km)

ecoTrail Ruskeala | Мраморный каньон - 21 км

Registration availability:



3000 rub.

run (10 km)

ecoTrail Ruskeala | Мраморный каньон - 10 км

Registration availability:



2900 rub.

run (5 km)

ecoTrail Ruskeala | Мраморный каньон - 5 км

Registration availability:



2900 rub.


750-Ruskeala Swim | Мраморный каньон - 750 м

Registration availability:



3500 rub.


1500-Ruskeala Swim | Мраморный каньон - 1500 м

Registration availability:



3500 rub.


3000-Ruskeala Swim | Мраморный каньон - 3000 м

Registration availability:



3500 rub.


Гонка на сапбордах «RuskealaSUP»

Registration availability:



1500 rub.


Скандинавская ходьба - 5 км

Registration availability:



2900 rub.


Скандинавская ходьба - 10 км

Registration availability:



2900 rub.

run (21 km)

Онлайн старт ecoTrail Ruskeala

Registration availability:



900 rub.

Event details

Sport festival held during the white nights period - "Secret trails of Kalevala"

06/29/2019 "ecoTRAIL RUSKEALA" - the third night trail race in the neighborhoods of the marble canyon of Karelia. Ruskeala is a unique european mountain park and the only open-air mountain museum in Russia. The main attraction of Ruskeala is Marble Canyon - the birthplace of the famous white marble.

Distances of the race are 5 km, 10 km, 21 km. Nordic walking distance is 10 km. The trails pass along forest roads and trails near Ruskeala mountain park, Marble Canyon, Ahvenkoski Falls, underground marble tunnels of the Mountain Park, on the territory of an abandoned marble plant.

Open water swimming “Ruskeala Swim” is held for the second time in the history of the most beautiful place in the Northwest of Russia, Ruskeala Mountain Park. “Ruskeala Swim” takes place as a part of the Third International Sport Festival “ecoTRAIL RUSKEALA”.

Swim distances which are 750, 1500 and 3000 meter long will be available to 300 participants to go in for in the unique beauty of Marble Canyon.

Stone sheer rocks, rays of the sun, lost in the emerald water, crystal air and over 3000 spectators will not leave the participants of the swimming untouched. They will get beautiful vivid memories of summer Karelia.


The festival is held on June 29, 2019, in the period of time from 14:50 to 00:00, in the territory of the mountain park "Ruskeala", Ruskeala, Sortavala district, the Republic of Karelia, Russia.


Any person who is 18 years of age or older is allowed to take part in the Trail Race and Nordic Walking distances within the following age groups (male, female):

Age groups of 5-kilometres Race participants

5M1: boys 14-15 years old

5F1: girls 14-15 years old

5M2: boys 16-17 years old

5F2: girls 16-17 years old

5M3: male 18-39 years

5F3: Women 18-39 years old

5M4: men 40 years and older

5F4: women 40 years and older

Age groups of 10-kilometres Race participants

10M1: boys 16-17 years old

10F1: girls 16-17 years old

10M2: male 18-39 years old

10F2: women 18-39 years old

10M3: men 40 years and older

10F3: women 40 years and older

Age groups of 21-kilometers Race participants

21M1: men 18-29 years old

21F1: women 18-29 years old

21M2: men 30-39 years old

21F2: women 30-39 years old

21M3: men 40-49 years

21F3: women 40-49 years

21M4: men 50-59 years old

21F4: women 50-59 years old

21M5: men 60 years and older

21F5: women 60 years and older

Age groups of Nordic Walking participants (10-kilometers distance)

S10M1: men 18-29 years old

S10F1: women 18-29 years old

S10M2: men 30-39 years old

S10F2: women 30-39 years old

S10M3: men 40-49 years

S10F3: women 40-49 years

S10M4: men 50-59 years old

S10F4: women 50-59 years old

S10M5: men 60 years and older

S10F5: women 60 years and older

All participants who are 18 years and older and have appropriate competency in swimming are allowed to take part in the Swim races (750 m - 1 round; 1500 m - 2 rounds, 3000 - 3 rounds) within the following groups.

Age groups of 750 m Swim participants:

750M1: men 18-29 years old

750F1: women 18-29 years old

750M2: men 30-39 years old

750F2: women 30-39 years old

750M3: men 40-49 years

750F3: women 40-49 years

750M4: men 50 years and older

750F4: women 50 years and older

Age groups of 1500 m Swim participants:

1500M1: men 18-29 years old

1500F1: women 18-29 years old

1500M2: men 30-39 years old

1500F2: women 30-39 years old

1500M3: men 40-49 years

1500F3: women 40-49 years

1500M4: men 50 years and older

1500F4: women 50 years and older

Age groups of 3000 m Swim participants:

3000M1: men 18-29 years old

3000F1: women 18-29 years old

3000M2: men 30-39 years old

3000F2: women 30-39 years old

3000M3: men 40-49 years

3000F3: women 40-49 years

3000M4: men 50 years and older

3000F4: women 50 years and older

Participants of age categories from 14 to 18 years are allowed to start only in the presence of their parents or legal guardians declared for a similar distance. The time limit to overcome the distances of 5, 10 and 21 km as well as the distance of Nordic Walking is 4 hours.

The participants number of 5, 10 and 21 km as well as a distance of Nordic Walking distance of 10 km is limited to 600 people.


Registration of participants for all disciplines of the Festival is carried out until 16/06/2019 (23:58). The organizer reserves the right to complete the registration of participants earlier, if the maximum number of participants is reached. The organizer also reserves the right to extend the registration period if necessary. Information on the extension of registration period is available in the official information group of the Festival: https://www.facebook.com/kareliasportfest, and on the official website of the project.


The organizer provides transfer of the participants from Saint-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk to the Festival destination. Detailed information will be available after 01/04/2019. Follow the information in the official group and on the site of the event http://kareliaskifest.ru