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RUN (10 km)

10 km

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RUN (5 km)

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RUN (2.5 km)

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RUN (500.0 m)

Детский забег 500м 8-10 лет

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RUN (500.0 m)

Детский забег 500м 5-7 лет

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RUN (500.0 m)

Детский забег 500м 11-13 лет

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Event details

Nizhny Novgorod is the city built on seven hills where the Oka river empties into the Volga. Nearly 800 years of history and remarkable location created it in the unique way — original, ancient, with wide avenues, cozy lanes and long sunny embankments.

The route of a half-marathon "Run, Hero!" covers all historical streets and squares of a mountain part of the city. It is not only interesting, but also quite difficult — the race participants will have to make steep rises and descents more than once. The most beautiful architectural complexes, temples and of course the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin with red-brick towers which age is already more than a half of the Millennium will be an award for efforts.

Three distances are available: 21,1 km, 10 km., 5 km.

For young participants of 3-13 y.o. there is Children's race of 500 meters.

The race route passes along the embankments with the perfect views of the confluence of two great rivers, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the glorious Nizhny Novgorod Fair — the largest fair in Russia.

Participation in "Run, Hero!" is an opportunity to run together with with like-minded people, and also an opportunity to help the others. A new charity project implements annually. Thanks to the race funds three project were already implemented:

2015 – building of the outdoor fitness equipment for pupils of the Nizhny Novgorod boarding school

2016 – providing children with a Down syndrome from the “The Shining” with all the physical therapy facilities

2017 – providing football uniform for children mini-football team of the Nizhny Novgorod boarding school and giving them the opportunity to trip to Saint Petersburg to participate in National mini-football competitions among school teams

"Run, Hero!" is always glad to provide support for representatives of charity foundations.

Event schedule

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May 17, 18

12:00-20:00 - Expo opening hours and receiving the running packages.

May 190

8:00 - opening time;

9:30 - children's race 500 m in age group 5-7;

9:40 - children's race 500 m in age group 8-10;

9:50 - children's race 500 m in age group 11-13;

10:05 – start for the wheelchair participants;

10:10 - the children's race winners rewarding;

10:15 - warm-up;

10:30 - start of the 21, 1 km distance;

10:45 – start of the 10 km distance;

10:50 – start of the 5 km distance;

10:30 – 13:00 – the winners and prize-winners of the absolute championship and age groups at a distance of 5 km, 10 km and 21.1 km rewarding

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