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On April 26, Togliatti will meet participants of the 10th athletics marathon, dedicated to the 283rd anniversary of Stavropol on the Volga-Togliatti, the 19th anniversary of the newspaper "Sports review of the Samara province" and dedicated to the memory of ZTR Viktor Petrovich Solntsev.

As part of the traditional start, the corporate marathon relay "Ekiden" will take place among men and women. The distance of 42 kilometers 195 meters is covered by a team of six people (7 km 32.5 m for each of the runners). This can be representatives of large enterprises, companies, firms, various associations and communities of interest. (The number of teams is not limited, the age of 18 years and older). All participants of the corporate marathon relay will receive finisher's medals, participant's certificate, and prize-winners will receive diplomas and commemorative medals. By the way, not only those who will run the relay are invited to the event, but also support groups for each of the teams. Take flags and other attributes of your organization with you and go ahead and support your colleagues and employees. Applications are accepted by e-mail: sportobozrenie@mail.ru and phone +7-905-305-28-28.

As part of the celebration of the Queen of sports, traditional races will be held in the individual competition at distances-42 km 195 m (marathon), 21 km 97.5 m (half marathon), 6 km 800 m (overcome yourself), a race on roller skis, competitions among athletes with disabilities and many other interesting, bright and dynamic sports.

Event schedule

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09:00 Открытие стартово-финишного городка, начало выдачи стартовых пакетов
10:00 Торжественное открытие "Тутаевского полумарафона "Май.Мир.Молодость."
10:05 Старт детского забега на 300 м
10:08 Старт забега безграничных возможностей на 600 м
10:16 Старт детского забега на 600 м
10:28 Разминка для участников дистанции 3 км
10:40 Старт дистанции 3 км
10:43 Награждение победителей забегов на 300м, 600 м, забега безграничных возможностей
11:05 Награждение победителей дистанции 3 км
11:17 Разминка для участников дистанций 10 км и 21,1 км
11:30 Старт дистанции 10 км
11:35 Старт дистанции 21,1 км
12:20 Награждение победителей дистанции 10 км в абсолютном зачете
13:10 Награждение победителей дистанции 10 км по категориям
13:20 Награждение победителей дистанции 21,1 км в абсолютном зачете
14:15 Награждение победителей дистанции 21,1 км по категориям
14:45 Окончание бегового события

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