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A series of online races GO-RUN.ONLINE "STAYER".

The primary goal pursued by our project is to promote running, we want to make this useful kind of sports entertainment interesting and widely available. We give you a tool that will motivate you and contribute to your personal growth. We also have a series of charity races, taking part in which you can help sick children, lonely elderly people, as well as homeless animals.

Register on the site, record the time and distance using sports gadgets or applications, and run at any time convenient for you. Place and route do not matter. Only the race record uploaded to the website will show if you have become the champion of the online race.

Defeat yourself first!

The award will each find!

Add motivation to your training – run for medals!

Our medals will be a real confirmation of your new results and achievements!

We remind you of the additional option of engraving the name and the result on the back of our medals.

Good luck!

* the site presents a design project of medals by clicking "BUY", you agree that the appearance of the finished medal may differ slightly from the images presented on the site

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Zhirikhov Maksim Vladimirovich IP
г. Москва, Луговой проезд, д.8, корп.1 кв 81, info@go-run.online, www.go-run.online