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Event details

The sequel starts St. Petersburg RUN Seasons.

Traditional may day start: II the may day Marathon
Medal finisher-Order of the White eagle, replica of the Imperial order of the White eagle. Motto: "For faith and the law»
Order of The white eagle subjects of the Russian Empire complained for military feats and public service. Welcome the participants dressed in khaki (military style).

🏃 Run, contribute to the story! Running, Nordic walking, canicross, kids start, swimming, rollerblading, treadmill, Bicycle, scooter, roller, skating, skiing - all kinds of activity.

Our participants have the opportunity to collect a full collection of Royal Orders of the Russian Empire from 1698 to our time. 🥇🥈🥉 ALL participants who, all kinds of activities: running, Nordic walking, canicross, kids start at distances of 1 km, 5.275 km, 10.55 km, 21.1 km, 42.2 km, 63.3 km will be awarded with finisher's medal, a replica of the Order of the Russian Empire - the order of the White eagle.

🎖 Revival of traditions. 🇷🇺 History of Russia: "For love and Fatherland" - is reflected in cross-country events GRIFON RUN. Medal cast, metal, with enamel, double-sided, on the reverse side of the logo applied Grifon RUN. Mounted on a branded tape with cobalt netting, with the application of the logo, date and name of the marathon.

CHOOSE your MARATHON, your distance. You can choose any convenient for you day and time (from 01 to 09 may 2018g.)

May day Marathon of the white eagle Virtual RUN is a real race companion race (running, Nordic walking, vacation, children's start) 01 may 2018g. in Park Sosnovka of St. Petersburg https://grifonrun.ru/

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Event schedule

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- April 29, 2018. The participant gets the mail, specified during registration the user manual and the starting number, which you can print and attach during a run (optional).
- April 29, 2018g. on the e-mail specified at registration, we will send an email with the finish form.
On may days off for 9 days: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 may 2018. (in any of the days of the Participant's choice) Participants make the run from 00:00 to 23:59 local time locking Jogging running gadget.
- Until 23: 59 on may 10, 2018. the results are accepted by filling in the participant's final form.
- May 11, 2018. based on these reports and completed the finish forms a finalized Protocol and may 12, 2018. laid out in the group activities.
- On may 14-15 medals and prizes are sent to nonresident Participants.
- May 13, 2018, after 15: 00 Participants - residents of St. Petersburg receive medals and prizes in person - at the Sportopen store in St. Petersburg, metro PL.al.147. Nevsky, Nevsky prospect. The medal is stored in 1 month.

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