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In the Victory Park, Moscow

Venue: Victory Park fenced from strangers on Kutuzovsky Prospekt!

Overlapped Victory Park will provide comfortable conditions for participants to show their best results on asphalt paths, and incredible center-like landscapes will allow you to experience the beauty of the capital's race.

We remind that the park is located along the main metropolitan and historical highway of Moscow - Kutuzov Avenue, from where a view of the majestic towers of Moscow City, the famous Stalinist skyscrapers, as well as the historic Triumphal Arch with 200 years of history, and the entire route passes through masterpieces and immense monuments to the feat of the Great Victory of 1945.

History and modernity will merge together Victory Park - this is the most powerful place for energy in Moscow, you can feel it - just by arriving in person: it is on this place that you will feel the full force of the feat of the soldiers of the Russian empire who won back Napoleon from Moscow, and also all the valor of Soviet soldiers, stopped the Nazis in 27 km from the capital of the USSR.

In this place, and you will be able, filled and inspired by this force, to make your personal feat and victory over yourself, to show your best result at a new distance for yourself !!

Each finisher receives a massive medal with a spinning center, where it will be possible to engrave your personal time on the back of the chimes right after the race!

And your photos with medals will be the most triumphant, because everything connected with the victory and power of Moscow will be in your walking distance immediately after the finish!

Also added a new distance - 5km!

Only 3 disciplines:

Distance 5 km (max. Time 40 minutes) from 16 years inclusive

Distance 10 km (max. Distance of 1 hour 30 minutes) from 16 years inclusive

Distance 42.2 km (max. Time 6 hours) from 16 years inclusive

Only 3 opportunities to show yourself!

As always waiting for you:

- starter pack with "buns"

official competition t-shirt

- Finisher Designer Medal

- at the distances of power

- fixing the records in running WRF

- assignment of titles to MSMK WRF inclusive

- high-precision timekeeping system

- award winners in age groups

- star teams from Celebrity

- modern show program

and much more…

Both amateurs and


Enter your name in the history of the Russian Run!

World Running Federation WRF (World Running Federation)

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June 14 and 15

issuing a starting package of Moscow in the Expo-zone of the marathon from 11 to 20 hours

16 June

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T-shirt with the symbolism of the marathon (optional)
individual timing chip
athlete number
handouts, souvenirs from partners

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Сайт: http://wrf.life

Почта: info@wrf.life

Офис: Бизнес-парк Румянцево

Телефон: 8 910 868 4227.

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