RUN (63.3 km)

1,5 = UltraMarathon

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RUN (42.2 km)

1 = Маrathon

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RUN (21.1 km)

1/2 Маrathon

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RUN (10.55 km)

1/4 Маrathon

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RUN (5.275 km)

1/8 Marathon

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RUN (1 km)

1/42 Marathon Kids start. Beginners

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Event details

Winter Sosnovka Marathon ❄. We run on December 03 - 07, 2017 online in your city!
Run, feel a smell 🌲 pines and fir-trees, hear a crystal ring of a frost!
Don't miss the first New Year's start of winter! ❄
Get an unusual crystal medal with fluffy snow inside!
You had no such New Year's medal yet!
CHOOSE the MARATHON, the distance. All types of activity: run, the Scandinavian walking, каникросс, children's start, swimming, rollers, the racetrack, the bicycle, the scooter, roller skis, the skates, skis - all types of activity.

On December 03, 2017 your distance waits for you in the park Sosnovka Sankt-Peterburg or on December 03-07, 2017 online in your city.

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Event schedule

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Program of the competitions Virtual Run (online format):

"The running country" Winter Sosnovka the Marathon

- December 02, 2017. The participant receives on the mail specified in case of registration the instruction and start number which can be unpacked and attached in transit time (at the request of the Participant).
- On December 02, 2017 we will send the letter with the finishing form to mail specified in case of registration.
- On December 3,4,5,6,7 (in any of days, at the choice of the Participant) Participants make a run from 00:00 till 23:59 local time fixing jog by a running gadget.
- Till 23:59 on December 08 results by filling with the participant of the finishing form are accepted.
- On December 09 based on the received reports and the filled finishing forms the final protocol is created and gives all the best in group of an action.
- On December 11-21, 2017 sending medals and prizes to nonresident Participants is carried out.
- since December 12, after 15:00 Participants - residents of St. Petersburg get medals and prizes personally - in Sportopen shop in Broadcasting Company Summer (the Address of Broadcasting Company SUMMER: St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoye Highway of 25, a building 1, lit. A, Sportopen shop is on 1 floor). The medal is stored in point of output 1 month.

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