Run (17 km)

QUT 15 km

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Run (36 km)

QUT 35 km

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Run (55 km)

QUT 55 km

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Run (85 km)

QUT 85 km

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Run (5 km)

QUT 5 km

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Run (1 km)


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Transfer Moscow-Suvorov-Moscow

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Transfer Tula-Suvorov-Tula

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Event details


Harsh trail in Suvorov quarries

Pain and joy, tears and happiness, harsh and beautiful ultra trail in the mysterious Suvorov quarries. Trailrunning, which turned the consciousness of all who have already conquered Quarry Ultra Track.

Suvorov quarries are a mystical place, the excavated bowels of the earth are exposed here and rise in hills and embankments, forming an unearthly relief and creating beauty and mystery to these places. It is here that you will feel the special energy of the earth and get a huge charge of vitality.

We present the third season of Quarry Ultra Track 2020 - Earth Element!

Movies from the Quarry Ultra Track 2019:

Journey to the center of the Earth

Our participants, by analogy with the heroes of the legendary film, discover a fantastic and dangerous lost world in the Center of the Earth.

You can imagine a trail ultramarathon where you run and the natural scenery changes like slides in a presentation. In place of forest thickets and pine forests, come unusual shapes and colors of the lake and sandy desert, followed by rural narrow-gauge roads and endless Russian fields, and then the forest with incredible tectonic faults of the soil underfoot. And the invisible Director continues and continues to change the slides throughout the distance, from all that is happening takes your breath away and does not let go until the finish. In places of passing of distances of race our real world as if is intertwined with an unearthly civilization.

Near the end of the distance, as the culmination of the journey, opens a fantastic, exciting and at the same time difficult to overcome the stage in Suvorov quarries

Event schedule

Collapse Expand
05: 00 Delivery of starting packages for participants of a distance of 85 km, reception of a throw.
05:45 Briefing for all participants of the distance of 85 km
06: 00 Start at a distance of 85 km
06:30 Departure of the centralized transfer service from Moscow
09: 00 Start of the start camp, issue of numbers to participants. 
09: 00 departure of centralized transfer from Tula
10: 30 arrival of transfers from Moscow and Tula
11: 30 Start of the children's race
11: 50 Formation of all participants in the starting lineup
12: 00 start of the race at a distance of 55 km, 35 km, 15 km
12: 10 Start at a distance of 5 km
16: 00 Control time of 15 km distance
19: 00 Control time of the distance 35 km.
19: 00 Control time at the Pit for the distance of 55 km and 85 km.
21: 00 Control time of the distance 55 km and 85 km.
21: 00 closing of the launch site
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