RUN (50 km)

50 km

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RUN (42.2 km)

42.2 km

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RUN (21.1 km)

21.1 km

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RUN (12 km)

12 km

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RUN (4 km)

4 km

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Event details

Date: 8 December 2019

10-00-Start at a distance of 4 km, 12 km, 21.1 km, 42.2 km, 50 km

Place of start:

The entrance to the Park from the street of Metallurgists,52.Go straight to the starting point 300 meters.

From the metro station Vykhino on the bus number 30 to the stop novogireevskaya,d. 10 or to the stop the House of stage veterans to the author.20,214,702.Next, turn on Terletsky travel and enter the Park opposite the House of stage veterans,500 metres go through the alley to the right lapel, a landmark - a trash can, then follow gravel road to the nursery or porch from the side street of Metallurgists,d. 52 we reach the child of the veranda is 300 metres away.

From the Free Avenue to the East. Outdoor travel,then follow the street of Metallurgists to street of Metallurgists,52.You can also drive to stop Terletsky Park auth.276,617,645, trolleybus 64.

By car: to Park at the free Parking: St. Metallurgists,60 K. 1A(55.76058°, 37.808172°)

Distances: 4 km, 12 km, 21.1 km, 42.2 km, 50 km

Event schedule

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09:00 Start of issuing start packages

10:00 start at a distance of 4 km,12 km,21.1 km,42.2 km,50 km.

16:00 end of running event

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Филиппов Алексей Александрович
111674 г. Москва, ул. Рождественская, д. 12, кв. 10