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21,1 км

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run (10 km)

10 км

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run (3 km)

"People's start" 3 km

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run (1 km)

Race 1000

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run (500.0 m)

Children's Run 500

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Open competitions on the run! Everyone can take part! They are conducted for the first time and include: running for different distances (0.5 km - for children, 1 km, 3 km - "people start", 10 km, and 21.1 km.).

The main organizer of this launch is ski enthusiast Fomichev Vladimir, deputy president of the club.

I recommend you to register on the official site http://lkasaf.ru

Since the finisher's medal will be received on those lists (those who registered on the offline site)

Data from here will be transferred every day at 20.00


We offer you the opportunity to combine running and visit to the beautiful city of Valdai. You will feel the peculiarities of the Valdai color. The race track runs along the picturesque Valdai places along the Valdai Lake.

You have to overcome the track with descents and ascent of a small slope. The run takes place in the vicinity of the city of Valdai, in the fresh air, against the backdrop of beautiful landscapes. We offer you not only a run, but also an opportunity to return to the atmosphere of simplicity, sincerity, mystery and time of unity with nature. At the finish line, a medal of metal is prepared for each participant - a miniature copy of the monument, located in the center of the town of Valday.

The first 200 people registered for the race for the distance will receive the EXCLUSIVE FINAL MEDAL OF THE FINISHER

Find yourself, find peace and be recharged by the power of nature together with the Valdai half-marathon!

Valdai - it's close! The launch site is located on the lake of the city of Valdai. The city of Valdai itself is located in the Novgorod region on the federal highway M-10 Moscow - V.Novgorod - St. Petersburg. Right in the middle of the two capitals. It is very convenient to get there. Only 4 hours from two capitals!

Event schedule

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October 12th

  • 17:00 Official training, route review

October 13th

  • 09: 00-10: 45 registration of participants
  • 10:45 - opening of the competition
  • 11:00 - start of the race at the distance of 0,5 (start of the children's race); groups M1, M1
  • 11:20 - start of the race for a distance of 1 km; groups M2, F2
  • 11:30 - awarding the winners of the children's race
  • 11:50 - start of the race for a distance of 3 km; groups M3, F3; M4, F4; M8, F8; М9, F9
  • 12:30 - start of the races at a distance of 10 km and 21.1 km; M5, F5; M6, F6; M7, F7
  • 12:50 - rewarding the winners at a distance of 1 km; groups M2, F2
  • 13:30 - rewarding the winners at a distance of 3 km; groups M3, F3; M4, F4; M8, F8; М9, F9
  • 15:00 - rewarding the winners at a distance of 10 km; M5, F5; M6, F6; M7, F7
  • 15:10 - awarding the winners at a distance of 21.1 km; M5, F5; M6, F6; M7, F7
  • 15:30 - closing of the competition
The organizers reserve the right to change the program of the competition.

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Start pack:

chip for individual timing
participant number

food on the route

photos from the event
result in the final protocol
on-line video from the place of start and finish
marked route
broadcasting in youtube
on-line finishing results
cafe in the starting town
cultural and entertainment program
health care
is free
rewarding in categories, after the finish

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Телефон: +79602060030

E-mail: info@lkasaf.ru

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PO "Ski Club named after Asafiev brothers" of Valdai district