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RUN (4 km)

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Event details

Date: 26 January 2019

at 10-00 start at a distance of 4 km, 12 km, 21,097 km (half marathon)

Place of start:

Entrance to the Park from the street Tamanskaya, 33 (Trolleybus depot), follow the right side near the fence and enter the Park.

How to get to the venue of the run:

To get to the Silver Forest is more convenient from the metro station Polezhaevskaya trolley 20, 65, 86, 21. As well as on the bus number 190.

You can also get from such metro stations: Belorusskaya, Begovaya, Sokol, Shchukinskaya. Then cross the road and after 100 meters enter the Park, a landmark-Tamanskaya street, 33.

By car: free Parking is available at 2 St 1 Tamanskaya street


4 km, 12 km, 21,097 km (half marathon)

Event schedule

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Issue of rooms will be held from 09.00 to 09.50 on January 26, 2019 at the launch site.

Start time:

10-00-start at a distance of 4 km, 12 km, 21,097 km (half marathon)

13-00-end of the competition

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+7 916 618 01 79


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Филиппов Алексей Александрович