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In the heart of the Kola Peninsula, where the mountains, diverse relief, views of the majestic Khibiny, Imandra Lake and inexpressible open spaces, this is where the local inhabitants live according to ancient legend. And this is not a man at all. He knows the most beautiful places in his big house and protects them from all evil. He has a strong body and unbreakable spirit. In order not to frighten people with his unusual appearance, he hides from direct views, but always protects everyone from threats. People who met him by chance, gave the name to match his appearance - an unusual and resounding, and his name is Yeti. He is always waiting for guests to show his bright and impressive world! That is why, our dear lovers of sports and trailing, we invite you to plunge into our legend of the Kola Peninsula to see all these beauties preserved by the Lapland Yeti for the people. Already for the sake of one panorama of the city of Monchegorsk from the mountain Nyduyuinvench, translated from the Sami "mountain-tape", it is worth taking part in a large-scale sports event "Moncha Yeti trail".

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17:00Регистрация участников на дистанции 30 и 8 км

17:50Краткий инструктаж участников дистанций 30 и 8 км, Проверка обязательного снаряжения участников 30 км.

18:00Общий старт на дистанции 30 и 8 км.

19:00Регистрация участников Night Trail 15км

19:45Краткий инструктаж участников дистанции Night Trail

19:50Регистрация участников в стартовом коридоре, проверка обязательного снаряжения Night Trail 

20:00Общий старт участников Night Trail
Награждение победителей и призеров по завершению дистанции всеми участниками забега.

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