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Leonid Shvetsov's seminar "natural running Technique", lecture+answers to questions+practical training

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RUN (1 km)

Leonid Shvetsov's seminar " Natural running technique"

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LEONID SHVETSOV, the master of sports of international class:

- 65% of runners get at least one injury each year. I also went through it, including the operation, and was able to start running again only after completely changed his running stereotype.

It's easy, but it requires perseverance. At the seminar I will tell you "how"!

The seminar "technique of natural running" consists of two parts:

lecture + answers to questions and practical training in the group

The lecture will be based on the analysis of errors in video analyses of real runners – you will see examples of correct incorrect running technique.

The running technique will be disassembled in terms of micro-skills that need to be acquired to run properly.

The principle of "small steps" to study the running stereotype. The story of each micro-skill will be accompanied by its video analysis. Several participants will take the stage and Leonid Shvetsov will analyze and adjust their running technique during the lecture. You can become a member!

After the training you will get access to your personal account on the website welcometorun.ru and detailed descriptions of all the exercises, which in the future will be able to use in their classes!

One seminar will replace several trainings for you. At the lecture you will learn all about what elements is easy and safe running technique, in training will work out all the micro-skills and understand how to implement them in your training!

LEONID SHVETSOV is the current record holder of the Comrades super marathon, former Russian marathon record holder (2: 09), participant of the Olympic games of 1996 and 2004, multiple winner and winner of several international marathons and half-marathons, running coach.

He underwent several serious operations on his knees, almost the whole career adhered to the principles of natural running! After getting acquainted with the theory and a thorough study of the issue in 2012, he completely changed his running stereotype and was able to start running again.

Translated the book " Natural running. An easy way to run without injury" Danny Abshire and Brian Metzler, who became a bestseller.

In 2014 he was trained by the world expert on natural running Lee Saxby (Lee Saxby) in London.


5: 24.47 – Comrades supermarathon record ("up"), South Africa, 2008 (1st place)

5:20.41 – a record of the Comrades marathon (down), South Africa, 2007 (1st place)

2: 09.16-Prague, Czech Republic 1997 (3rd place) - Russian record until 2008

2: 09 32-Frankfurt, Germany 2003 (2nd place)

2: 09.38-Eindhoven, Netherlands 1999 (3rd place)

In total, almost 50 marathons, including 6 victories.


Alexey Sokolov-2: 09.07, Russian record holder, participant of the Olympic games in Beijing (2008).

Alexander Kuzin (Ukraine) – 2:07.33, participant of the Beijing Olympics (2008).

Lidia Grigorieva-2: 25.10. Under the leadership Of L. Shvetsov won the marathon in Los Angeles (2006), Boston (2007) and Chicago (2008).

Dmitry Safronov-2: 09.40. Participant of the London Olympics (2012).

Henrik Szost (Poland) – 2:07.39. The champion of Poland and participant of the Olympic games in London (2012).

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