RUN (10 km)

10km Gryffindor

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RUN (10 km)

10km Slytherin

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Hello dear our fans of a series of books and movies about the Boy who survived! We have something for you. All of us, while reading, or watching movies, watched as the two strongest faculties Gryffindor and Slytherin fought for the Hogwarts Cup, and simply for the title of the best.

So now you have a chance to take part in this confrontation by choosing one of the parties. Yes, of course, we will not teach you magic, but you can take advantage of all the forces of your body and participate in a new race from WildRun. We suggest you choose one of the faculties and, having run a distance of 10 km, get a memorable prize.

And for whom will you fight? The choice is yours. In the future, we plan a few more races and we will not limit ourselves to two faculties, so sign up and stay tuned.

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