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Beaujolais comes to Israel

Early in the morning. The wind strokes the face. The sun is just beginning to rise, and you are at the start of a race that you have never experienced in Israel. People dressed in costumes, fun, dancing and music.

At the stations there are glasses of wine and cheese dishes. And at the finish line you will find a sea of ​​wine.

There are no losers and no timing. No competition. There are only friends, and the air soaked with fun.

Close your eyes for a moment. Do you feel it?

The French know how to live well, and the traditional Beaujolais Marathon, during which they celebrate the harvest of young wine, proves that they also know how to enjoy running. The Beaujolais Half Marathon, which is held for the first time in Israel by Marathon Israel with the support and participation of the original Beaujolais Marathon, turns the running competition into one big celebration that distinguishes it from any other race.

The route passes between vineyards in large areas of the Gezer regional council. Along the road you will find refreshments and some of the country's best wines. You will be dancing at the stations at the "local stormy parties." Music, wine and cheese. The festive atmosphere rises to a new height with each mile.

5 km, 12 km and 21 km

Run, drink wine and enjoy

Event schedule

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5:00 - Opening of the compound + EXPO

6.30pm - Start of 21km

7am - Start of 12-km

7:30 a.m. - Start of 5-km

8am - Farmers Market Open at End Point

09:45 - Final ceremony and award ceremony for general winners and costume contest winners

11:00 - French Beaujolais Party !

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