obstacle racing

istance of 1500 meters with obstacles overcoming 15 years and over

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obstacle racing

children 4-14 years Old with obstacles overcoming

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May 9 in Victory Park for the third consecutive year will be the holiday adventure track and field "The Race of the Brave" (BRAVE RUN). The program of the event includes children's and adult races.

Event schedule

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12:00Старт забегов девочки и мальчики 4-6 лет
12:15Старт забегов девочки и мальчики 7-8 лет
12:45Старт забегов девочки и мальчики 9-10 лет
13:15Старт забегов девочки и мальчики 11-12 лет
13:45Старт забегов девочки и мальчики 13-14 лет
14:00Старт забегов женщины
15:00Старт забегов мужчины

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