Северная (скандинавская) ходьба Детский старт (до 17 лет) 1 км =1/42 марафона

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Northern (Scandinavian) walking of 5.275 km =1/8 marathons

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Эстафета 21.1 км ( 4 этапа по 5,275 км)

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Northern (Scandinavian) walking of 10.55 km =1/4 marathons

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Northern (Scandinavian) walking of 21.1 km =1/2 marathons

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Northern (Scandinavian) walking of 42.2 km = marathon

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ONLINE формат, дистанция на выбор (ИДУу у себя в регионе, присылаю трек, получаю медаль по почте)

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Description of an action: The II Cup of Baltic 2019 the most sea start of year, the Marathon where athletes will pass on an edge of the Gulf of Finland, in the park of the 300 anniversary of SPb, will blow a sea breeze, to turn seagulls and to smell of sea salt … Participants of the Cup of Baltic within the II Baltic Marathon will prove that in St. Petersburg there are a sea and a set of places where it is possible to organize an appointment with the sea.

A year ago, in September, 2018 Baltic stood on the hind legs - the sea confirmed with wind that it is one of the youngest seas of the world, the successor of the last glacial pools. Phrases of Participants of the I Baltic marathon of 2018 became winged: "Veterburgsky marathon. The most St. Petersburg marathon". The sports festival "The Baltic marathon" became traditional and is held annually, last Sunday of September. The first start became international: to an appointment with the sea on Baltic a marathon of 2018 there arrived participants from 5 countries: Russia, Belarus, Italy, Kazakhstan and Moldova, the marathon accepted 750 participants from 32 regions of the Russian Federation.

On the Cup of Baltic you enjoy beautiful views of the Gulf of Finland of the Baltic Sea in the park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg, on the spacious beach adjoining to it with a pure maritime air.

The part of northern Baltic beauty will remain absolutely with everyone. All participants will become owners of a commemorative medal in the form of a weather vane of the beacon of the park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg (where there will pass the marathon) with the image of an angel of the Admiralty, to a monument to Peter I to the carpenter, Peter I's bot and recognizable sights of St. Petersburg and also a thematic t-shirt for the memory of an action.

And the least, just future champions - will participate in a competition of sea drawings. They will win the memorable prizes and gifts too.

Motto of a marathon: "St. Petersburg - the city of all seas!"

SELECT the MARATHON, the distance.

On September 29, 2019 your distance waits for you in park 300 of the anniversary of St. Petersburg again

Date and venue: On September 29, 2019, park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

Journey to the venue of a marathon:

from the subway Running (3rd Line) of 10 min. on foot

from m. Old village: minibus 232, tram 19, bus 93

from m. Komendantsky Avenue: bus 134, a stop at the Intersection on Utochkin

from m. Black small river: tram 48, minibus 132

from m. Pioneer: bus 93

Description of the route:

The route is measured and certified by rules of IAAF/AIMS.

The route a competition ̆ passes around length ~ 1/8 marathons = 5.275 km. Distances in parts of a marathon: ⅛ =5.275 km (1 circle), ¼ =10.55 km (2 circles), ½ =21.1 km (4 circles), 1 = 42 km (8 circles). A limit on overcoming a distance: 6 hours 45 minutes.

Area type: flat, the parts of tracks - asphalted, a part - soil tracks. About 70% soil, 30% - a hard coating.

The track map of a running is available to viewing according to the link: https://goo.gl/Qy1UGi

Starting town and place of start:

Location of the starting town and the center of competitions – at the Beacon in the park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg, address: Primorsky Ave., 74 St. Petersburg width: 59.98305939999999 longitude: 30.26

Event schedule

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Cup of Baltic

In the program of an action:

Northern (Scandinavian) walking competitions within the II Baltic marathon in the park of the 300 anniversary of SPb at distances of 5.275 km, 10.55 km; 21.1 km, 42.2 km around 5.275 km.

The concert program (the DJ and leaders keep the program);

Morning exercises for children and sports warm-up for adults.

Master class on a zumba.

Creative master classes (ships of origami);

Sports master classes;

Creative competition of children's drawings and hand-made articles;

Tea pause - fragrant tea for participants and Field kitchen hot meals.


09:00 Opening of the starting and finishing town, beginning of work of locker rooms and left-luggage offices;

09:00 till 11:30 Delivery of starting packets to participants - numbers and electronic chips;

9:45 Start of participants of a distance of 42.2 km "Scandinavian walking";

10:10 Start of participants of a distance of 21.1 km "Scandinavian walking";

10:45 A dancing master class on a zumba

11:00 Official opening ceremony of Competitions;

11:15 till 15:30 - an entertainment program for participants, a draw of prizes, master classes, a children's animation zone, a photozone, an instaprinter;

11:15 Warm-up for participants of participants of distances of 5.275 km and 10.55 km "Northern (Scandinavian) walking"

11:25 Start of participants of a distance of 10.55 km "Scandinavian walking";

11:30 Start of participants of a distance of 5.275 km "Scandinavian walking";

12:20 The Hawaiian dances - for all participants;

13:30 rewarding of winners of a distance of 5.275 km "Scandinavian walking";

13:55 rewarding of winners of a distance of 10.55 km. "Scandinavian walking";

14:00 rewarding of winners of a distance of 21.1 km. "Scandinavian walking";

15:00 rewarding of winners of a distance of 42.2 km. "Scandinavian walking";

16:45 closing of competitions;

17:00 closings of the starting town, cleaning of the territory, garbage removal;

17:30 departure from the park.

Organizers reserve the right to change the program of a marathon, but no later than September 25, 2019.

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