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Welcome to one of the most unique marathons of Russia, the route of which passes through the national park with a view of the Great Volga River!

In addition to the unforgettable impressions of all participants, finisher medals are waiting for the finish at each finish, and the winners and winners at 42 km, 21 km, 10 km - bonus payments.


The citizens of the Russian Federation and foreign countries who have passed registration and paid the cost of participation have the right to participate in the Marathon.

It is possible to register only in one kind of sports discipline.

To participate in the official competition for a marathon run at a distance of 42 km, runners are allowed at the age of 18 and over; I run at a distance of 21 km - runners at the age of 16 and older; I run at a distance of 10 km - lovers of running at the age of 14 years and over (the consent of the legal representative is required).

Age of participants is determined as of the date of the Marathon - September 30, 2018.

Participants of the race at the distances of 42 km, 21 km, 10 km are required to provide the original medical certificate of admission to participate in a sports event of a standard pattern.

The period of validity of the certificate is 6 months from the date of receipt.


Starting packages do not contain pins !!!!

Places for delivery of start packages

TOGLIATTI (for those who registered Togliatti when registering)

SAMARA (for those who registered Samara at the time of registration)

Shop Garmin TCS Sila Sporta first floor (Moscow Highway 17)

September 27 from 14 to 20

September 28 from 10 to 20

September 29 from 10 to 20

+7 (846) 379-54-86

ZHIGULEVSK (for those who indicated at registration all other settlements, except for Samara and Togliatti)

stadium "Crystal" st. Mira, 3, tel. 8 (84862) 72872, 89171275655

September 28-29 from 8.00 to 17.00,

September 30 from 8.00 to 9.00

Event schedule

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September 30, 2018, the stadium "Crystal" Zhigulevsk (Mira str., 3)

08: 00-9: 30 Issuance of start packages

10:00 - Opening Ceremony of the Marathon

10:30 - Sending athletes to the launch site

10:45 - Warm up for participants at the distance of 42.2 km

11:00 - Start at the distance of 42.2 km (the 6th km of the road M5 "Ural" - Shiryaevo village)

12:10 - Warm up for participants at the distance of 21.1 km and 10 km

12:30 - Start at the distance of 21.1 km (the 27th km of the road M5 "Ural" - Shiryaevo village)

12:30 - Start at a distance of 10 km (the 38th km of the road M5 "Ural" - Shiryaevo village).

13:30 - Ceremony of solemn rewarding of winners and prize-winners of the marathon with. Shiryaevo.

15:30 - Closure of the route

16:30 - Departure of participants to Zhigulevsk

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Оргкомитет марафона: 445350, Самарская область, г. Жигулёвск, ул. Мира, 3 (стадион «Кристалл», 430), тел. 8(84862)72872, e-mail: zhig.sport@mail.ru. Директор марафона по спорту Исаев Максим 89171275655

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