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ONLINE формат, БЕГ дистанция на выбор (бегу у себя в регионе, присылаю трек, получаю медаль по почте)

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1100 rub.


ONLINE формат СХ, дистанция на выбор (ИДУ у себя в регионе, присылаю трек, получаю медаль по почте)

Registration availability:



1100 rub.

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May 9 - Victory Day. #ДеньПобедыНеОтменить.

Date cannot be canceled or moved. We 're not gonna do that. In each family on this day will remember and honor their heroes "(C)

The date of the Victory Parade has been postponed to a later date against the background of risks due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Victory Parade and the Immortal Regiment action will necessarily be held this year. "We will force the retreat of the threat faced today, and then we will hold all the events planned for May 9. Let 's do it warmly and solemnly. Of course - this year, 2020. Especially since all this year is declared in Russia the Year of Memory and Glory "(C)

Victory marathon. 75 years translated into online format.

There is a countdown of time Marathon Victory Spring, participants from 10 countries participate: Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Finland, France, Great Britain and China and 55 regions of Russia - shoulder to shoulder overcome distances from 1 to 75 km in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory.

Children send drawings, record and send videos with verses and songs, adults send archival photos and tell about their loved ones...

Event schedule

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In the program of an action:

After registration, the Participant receives the instruction and start number specified at registration, which can be printed and attached during the run (at the Participant 's request). The mailing will be made to registered participants on April 28, 2020.

- After registration to the mail specified at registration, we will send a letter with a finishing form.

- On any of the days, optionally from May 1 to September 30, 2020. Participants make a run by fixing the run with a running gadget.

- Results are accepted by filling in the finishing form by September 30, 2020. inclusive.

- On the basis of received reports and completed finishing forms the final protocol is formed and published on October 02, 2020. in group of an action: https://vk.com/grifon_run_online

Mail tracks (and delivery to the delivery center) - tab in the table: "Mail tracks."

Participants - residents of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region receive medals and prizes personally in store MEGASPORT - ST. PETERSBURG EQUIPMENT CENTER

Retail Store, Command Equipment Department (Wholesale Department), Pick-up Point of St. Petersburg, 7th Line V.O., Entrance through the Arch of House No. 40 (8th Line V.O., d.37).

Delivery to the delivery center - tab in the table: "Mail tracks"

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