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Septermber, 9, 2018 Karjala Half-marathon will take place in Pryazha settlement of the Republic of Karelia. The beauty of Karelian nature is world-known, and this region is the third in the tourist attractiveness rating in Russia. The half-marathon organizers would like to offer you the opportunity to combine visiting Karelia and participating in the running event.

You will get acquainted with real Karelia, the cradle of the common Past and discover your real self being plunged into the event atmosphere. The half-marathon track runs along picturesque Karelian scenery of Pryazhinskoe Lake. You will have to make 1 or 2 10,5 km rounds on the route with small slopes and hills. It is a real pleasure to run in the rural area, far from the city noise, enjoying fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Be prepared to fall in love with this place and have a desire to come back here again. You will find here that what unites people: roots, traditions and nature. The organizers offer you not only the opportunity to run but also a possibility to return to the atmosphere of mystery, warm-heartedness, simplicity and unity with nature. You will see wearing national costumes spectators’ support and the runners in country style T-shirts, along the route you will hear musicians playing the folk instruments, you will experience the harmony between Man and Nature. Karjala Half-marathon has prepared a lot of surprises for you.

At the finish every participant will get a shungite (Karelian mineral) medal on a linen ribbon with hand-made embroidery, a national pastry kalitka and genuine Karelan herbal tea made according to ancient recipe.

Find yourself, gain the serenity of generations and get charged with Nature force together with Karjala Half-marathon! Karelia is close: just one night on the train from Moscow and 5 hours from St. Petersburg. In case you want to come car the organizers will accommodate you in the camping site in the pine forest on the Shuya river, 20 km from the event place.

Event schedule

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September, 8, 2018

12:00 a.m. -04:00 p.m. Distribution of start packages in Petrozavodsk (the place to be announced on the Festival website)

September, 9, 2018

9:00 a.m. – giving out the racing bib numbers

11:15 a.m. - children race start

12:00 a.m. - Festival opening ceremony at Pryazha sport complex

12:15 a.m. - 10 km and 21,5 km races start

12:30 a.m. - Award Ceremony of the children races winners

03:00 p.m. - Award Ceremony of 10 km and 21,5 km races participants and the Festival Closing Ceremony

The organizing committee has the right to change the Festival program. The program will be published on the Festival official website http://runkarjala.ru/ prior to July, 31, 2018.

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Start pack:

  • чип индивидуального хронометража
  • стартовый номер участника
  • камера хранения
  • размеченная и промеренная трасса
  • результат в итоговом протоколе
  • медаль финишера из шунгита
  • бесплатные фотографии
  • питание на трассе
  • карельская калитка и чай из Иван-чая на финише
  • горячее питание
  • культурно-развлекательная программа
  • бесплатное участие в детских забегах
  • музыканты на трассе

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