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Ryazan Kremlin are 21 km away

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RUN (10 km)

Ryazan Kremlin are 10 km away

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Half marathon " Ryazan Kremlin "is a bright sports event, organized on the initiative of the club of fans of running" Ryazan " and with the support of the Department of physical culture and sports administration of the regional center.

The race, which this year will be held for the third time, will traditionally come more than a thousand fans of running from Ryazan and the region, Moscow, Vladimir, Ivanov, Tambov, Lipetsk, Tula, Nizhny Novgorod and other regions of Russia.Each participant, regardless of the result shown at the race, will receive a medal at the finish-a souvenir, a trophy for overcoming yourself!

The race track and the starting town are located on the territory of the oldest part of Ryazan - the historical and architectural open-air Museum-reserve, one of the oldest museums in Russia – the Ryazan Kremlin.

In addition to authentic medals, electronic timing has been prepared for the participants of the competition, everyone who registered for the race, we prepare beautiful gifts in the symbols of the race and its partners.

On the race track to support athletes will be an ensemble of drummers, musical groups of Ryazan. Before the main start will be a children's race. In the starting town will operate points of sale of pastries, drinks, ice cream.

Event schedule

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11 мая 2019 года - выдача стартовых пакетов и номеров (о времени и месте будет сообщено в группах забега в ВК и Инстаграмм)

12 мая 2019 года

7:00 - 9:30 - открытие стартового городка и выдача стартовых паркетов и номеров

9:30 - детский забега

10:00 - старт участников забегов на 10 км и 21 км

11:30 - награждение победителей и призеров на дистанции 10 км

12:30 - награждение победителей и призеров на дистанции 21 км

15:00 - закрытие стартового городка

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Start pack:

- индивидуальный номер

- индивидуальный хронометраж

- бандана с символикой забега

- подарки от спонсоров

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8-920-635-12-19 Светлана Максимова

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Рязанское региональное отделение общественно-государственного физкультурно-спортивного объединения "Юность России"
390043, Рязанская обл, Рязань г, 1-Я Красная ул, дом № 22 А