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The first in Perm mass official safe swim through the Kama.

The distance is 2 km (Kama width is 900 meters, drift downstream is 1.7 km).

Starting point: the right bank of the Kama River on the border of the Upper Kurya and Middle Kurya microdistricts.

The finish point: the city embankment on the left bank, the first staircase out of the water from the pier number 9 in the direction of the Kama Bridge.

Number of participants: 500 people.

Event schedule

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     09:00 Opening of the start and finish campus, start of issuing starter packs

10:00 Grand opening of the "Tutaev half marathon" May.Mir.Yolost. "

10:05 Start of the 300m children's race

10:08 Start of the race of unlimited possibilities at 600 m

10:16 Starting the children's race at 600 m

10:28 Warm-up for participants in the 3 km course

10:40 Start distance of 3 km

10:43 Awarding of the winners of the races on 300m, 600m, the race of endless possibilities

11:05 Awarding of the winners of the 3 km distance

11:17 Warm-up for participants of 10 km and 21.1 km distances

11:30 Start distance 10 km

11:35 Start distance 21.1 km

12:20 Rewarding the winners of the 10 km distance in the overall standings

13:10 Rewarding the winners of the 10 km distance by category

13:20 Rewarding the winners of the 21.1 km in the overall standings

14:15 Awarding of the winners of the 21.1 km distance by category

14:45 End of running event


Start pack:

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