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The route of the race will take place along a unique historical landscape, which includes several ancient monuments of Kandalaksha history.

The participants will have to conquer Mount Krestovaya, which received its name even under Pomors, after it was crossed as a symbol of the establishment of the Christian religion. It is from the height of Mount Krestovaya that the participants will have a stunning panorama of the bay of the Kandalaksha Gulf of the White Sea.

The main part of the road will run along the coastal strip. This part of the route is called "eco-path" and is a favorite route for many tourists and visitors of the city, as it leads directly to one of the oldest archaeological monuments of Russia - the stone labyrinth "Babylon", dated to the II millennium BC. Despite the arrangement, the ecotope, like the whole distance, will not let you relax for a second, passing from a comfortable trampled forest path to a narrow mountain path, which is filled with rocks and roots, which leads you straight to the cliffs to the cliff.

The track will be filled with serious jumps and rocky descents. Nevertheless, we tried to lay the route in such a way that each of the participants will give an indelible impression not only on the sports component, but also on the contemplation of the splendor of the northern nature.