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10 km

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RUN (5 km)

5 km

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RUN (2.5 km)

2,5 km

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Event details

Race limit: 2 hours

Medical admission: Required!

In 2018 a new quay will open in Tula - a unique place for our city that promises to become a center of youth culture! The historic street will be transformed beyond recognition and we will have our own local Arbat. And a series of Tula marathon races gives you a unique opportunity to be first in a completely new location! Beautiful architecture, well-groomed paths, stylish cafes and a beautiful view will make the race especially interesting and unforgettable.

The route of the race will capture the entire new quay and a few more interesting places in Tula. Discover our city from the new side and put in your running portfolio a place in which no one ran up to you!

What awaits you?

  • inspiring music,
  • quick registration,
  • locker rooms and storage of things,
  • the chip fixing system of the result from RussiaRunning Timing, the original finisher medal - sure, you do not have such a medal,
  • admiration of the fans and just a great mood!

We are ready to meet 500 participants in the homeland of Leo Tolstoy, the home of the most delicious Tula gingerbread, the fry Tula samovar, which for you we will sink pine cones, Lefty, shoe flea and centuries-old history of the world-famous Tula weapon. p>

Mark your next victory on our night run!

Event schedule

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September 14, 2018, Friday
16:00 - 20:00 Issuance of start packages on the territory of the Tula Kremlin

September 15, 2018, Saturday
19:30 - 20:50 Issuing start packages at the start
21:00 Opening of the competition
21:30 Start at all distances
22:00 Rewarding winners at a distance of 2,5 km
22:10 Rewarding the winners at a distance of 5 km
22:30 Rewarding the winners at a distance of 10 km
23:00 Closing Competitions
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Start pack:

branded outfit (optional)
chip for individual timing
membership number

Beneficiary information

Konov Ilya Vladimirovich IP