RUN (1 km)

Детский старт 1 км (дети 1-17 лет)

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RUN (2.5 km)

2,5 км бег

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RUN (5 km)

5 км бег 1/8 марафона

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5 км 1/8 марафона КАНИкросс

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5 км 1/8 марафона Северная ходьба

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Event details

Fun Starts 31.08.2019 Mega Dybenko

At the fun starts of the opening holiday of Norwegian Park Norway Park Mega Dybenko will be able to breathe the air of the marathon and fun to overcome the first part of the marathon distance.

М1/8 = 5 km for those familiar with running (from the age of 10): running, northern walking, holidays;

М1/16 = 2.5 km for those familiar with running (from the age of 10): running;

M1/42 = 1 km for the youngest, children (1-17 years old): running.

Each finisher is awarded a finisher medal from our gold collection of starts.

Winners for 1-2-3 place are awarded the medal-order from our gold collection of Orders of Russia and prizes from Partners of Merry starts.

Each finisher at the finish will receive a bottle of water, the child - a bottle of lemonade from the Partner of Merry starts.

Participation is free.

The track is laid along the tracks of Mega Park Dybenko.

Track 1 km children's start - small circle 1 km;

Track 2.5 km - big circle 2.5 km;

Track 5 km - 2 laps of 2.5 km;

There are volunteers on the track.

Coating 50% ground, 50% asphalt