Run (trail) (14 km)

14 km

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Run (trail) (10 km)

10 km

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Run (trail) (6 km)

6 km

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Run (trail) (2.5 km)

2,5 km

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The "Perm Trail Lime Mountain" race is a cross on the PA Lipovaya Mountain ecological path. Covering the trail is asphalt, smooth in places, sometimes destroyed. There are also gravel sites.

Start and finish are located at the entrance of the company "Biomed".

The distance of 2.5 km - children's race to the red lintel.

Distances of 6, 10 and 14 km differ in the number of laps along the trail - 1, 2 or 3 circles.

The whole route has a very pronounced relief: 4 km of the ecological trail has a climb of more than 100 meters.

The route scheme:

Event schedule

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08:00Открытие стартово-финишного городка, начало выдачи стартовых пакетов иногородним

09:30Торжественное открытие забега "Perm Trail Липовая гора"

09:45Детская разминка10:00Старт детского забега на 2,5 км

10:45Взрослая разминка11:00Старт на дистанции 6, 10 и 14 км

11:15Награждение победителей и призёров детского забега

11:50Награждение победителей и призёров забега на 6 км

12:10Награждение победителей и призёров забега на 10 км

12:30Награждение победителей и призёров забега на 14 км

12:45Закрытие финиша

13:00Окончание мероприятия

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