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The group advanced athletes

The group of initial training

Focus: basic training in the offseason

TopLigaCamp - is an opportunity:

  • to actively spend the holidays with family and friends
  • 6 or 8 days to hone swim technique, running, training for cross-fit classes under the guidance of a professional trainer
  • to live and train in a circle of like–minded athletes, as well as get the motivation 
  • to gain valuable theoretical information on sports nutrition, physical fitness and reducing the risk of injuries
  • to obtain a video analysis of swimming technique with the individual recommendations of the coach, as well as for the further training process

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All packages include:

+ Comfortable rooms, 2-beds in the room.

+ Triple complex balanced diet schedule.

+ Daily access to the indoor pool of 25 m.

In addition:

• Get a special offer of participation for your loved ones, with the opportunity to practice yoga and attend a swimming pool.

• Your children will love the sport under the guidance of youth coach, 1 swim practice a day.


Along with a sports program options available for those wishing to improve eating habits, get recommendations for correction, recruitment and weight loss, under the leadership of Irene Akmansoy, 49 years - current therapist-nutritionist with 20 years of experience being a multiple marathon runner, active runner, Amateur:

Full package – 1260 RUB./day:

+ Bioimpendancemetria - measurement of body composition on Tanita (scale-body composition analyzer);

+ Daily personal nutrition plan based on foods buffet, with the addition of protein shakes, puddings, bars, including individual counselling specialist.

· Bioimpendancemetria - measurement of body composition on Tanita (scale-body composition analyzer), to understand the current state of the body diagnosis of body composition, 2 times for the collection, interpretation of results - 1800 RUB.

Compilation of individual nutrition plan – collection, given the variety of foods buffet - 2000 RUB.

Consultation and additional nutrition for the collection:

- add a protein shake, protein bars - the correction of the protein component of diet,

- inclusion of dietary Supplements, as components of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The participation fee includes accommodation, meals, training process.

Organization and payment of flights and hotel transfers independent.

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