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"CHRISTMAS HALF MARATHON" will take place in Izhevsk, January 7, 2017 in the park to them. Kirov. It will be the first race in «7holmov» series.
Competitors will be presented to a distance of 10 and 21km. Also separate start for children will be organized - "Children's race at 2 km." It will bring together children from 0 to 13 years, kids can run with their parents.

Route 21 km consists of 7 laps of the 3 km. Control time to overcome the route for 3.5 hours.
Route 10 km consists of 3 laps around 3 km and a range of 1km. Control time to overcome the route for 1.5 hours.
Children's race route of 2 km is made up of 2 laps of 1 km. Control time to overcome the route for 30 minutes.

You run through the scenic areas of the park, terrain is relatively flat, without severe slopes and climbs. The coating is a well-trodden snow track. At a distance of 10 km and 21 km of one food item will be provided.
Start small town located on the stadium "Kupol", where there will be a heated reception area, changing rooms and storage facilities.

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