RUN (60.00 m)

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RUN (60.00 m)

Run with help to children

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You were waiting for this! You asked us!

WRF organizes a unique race especially for young sports fans

All-Russian tournament "Stars of the children's sprint WRF" 2019

December 20 at 15:00 we are waiting for you in the arena of the Olympic Center named after the Znamensky brothers. Moscow, st. Stromynka, d. 4, p. 1.

If you or your child has walked a distance of 60 meters, you will have to overcome four stages:

Start stage

Overclocking moment

The main stage of running

Finish stage

Let us dwell on each stage in more detail.

Start stage

A low start is the best solution when running 60 meters. On the command “To start” put forward a strong leg. Leaning on the knee behind the standing leg, place your hands on the track surface. If the low start is not yet available to you, just put your foot on the starting line.

At the "Attention" command, shift the center of gravity forward by lifting the pelvis. Having heard the “March” command, push off energetically and start actively working with your hands. Do not forget to bend your elbows.

Overclocking moment

Acceleration will be more effective if your body is tilted forward. In this case, body weight will help accelerate. Try to gradually increase your step length and frequency, but do not raise your feet too high. The main emphasis should be on the forefoot, and with the heel you can only slightly touch the track.

The main stage of running

Acceleration stopped if your steps stopped changing, became permanent. The climax of overcoming the distance began. At this time, the maximum speed is developed, which must be maintained until the finish.

Finish stage

The last step is to keep calm. You must complete the race at maximum speed. Do not jump to the finish line, trying to save time. On the contrary, you will spend precious seconds on a jump.

Running safety

Remember safety during training and competition. Start your workout with a warm up.

Our trainers will help you with this, who will conduct a warm-up before the start of the race.

All young athletes are invited to participate!

Enter your name in the history of world running!

(Worl Running Federation)

Event schedule

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Issuing starter packs:

December 19, 2019 from 11: 00-20: 00 Moscow time.

Moscow, metro Megasport, Pushkinskaya Square, 3, metro Pushkinskaya.


December 20, 2019 from 15: 00-18: 00.

Znamensky Brothers Manege, Moscow, ul. Stromynka, building 4, building 1

Opening of the headquarters from 14:00

Solemn greeting of the participants of the race 15:00

15:10 Warm up

15:15 Start of the race for 60 m 4-5 years (6 people.)

15:30 Start of the race on 60 m for 6-7 years (6 people each)

Awarding 4-5 years

15:50 Start of the race for 60 m 8-9 years (6 people.)

Awarding 6-7 years

16:20 Start of races on 60 m 10-11 years (6 people each)

Awarding 8-9 years

16:50 Start of races on 60 m 12-13 years (6 people each)

Awarding 10-11 years

Awarding 12-13 years

18:00 Closing of the race

(the schedule is approximate and may be changed depending on the number of participants)

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