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On April 12, the whole world celebrates the international day of manned space flight. We are very proud that such a great achievement belongs to our country, and is now celebrated at the international level.

And on this occasion we made exclusive trophies. Medals are made in the form of a helmet and simulate space, but the coolest thing is the opportunity to get a medal with your image.

Only two types of medals:


– SPACE individual (medal with your image, after confirmation of registration we will ask to send your photo)

Run and uploaded the results on April 12 Beginnin website.Russia

Distances and conditions:

Choose a distance of 1 km /5 km /10 km /21 km /42 km and register on the website russiarunning.com;

Pay the entry fee;

In the "products" section, you can select the INDIVIDUAL option;

You can choose the engraving of the result separately;

Fix by running tracker (just take a screenshot) and upload to the form on the website begionline.RF;

After confirming your result, we will send you a medal (sent worldwide);

Even our project you will find in the most famous social networks!





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