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For everyone who does not want to go far away from Moscow but still wish to enjoy running on the natural terrain and charge themselves with the spirit of the trail-running community! We offer you an exciting and not that easy Blizko-Trail just near one of Moscow East subway stations. The route allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city and enjoy the forest within just 40 min subway trip from the city center.
BliZko Trail is hold in the Saltykovsky Forest Park, ten minutes walk from Novokosino subway station. The Forest Park is located in between Rudnyovka and Chechera rivers (tributaries of Pekhorka river, tributary of Moscow river). There is a number of streamlets flowing into Rudnyovka, and fords will be arranged over two of them - Bannaya and Nikolskaya Ditches.
Just four ponds have survived out of 18th century beautiful 13-pond cascade, and our trail-runners will run along two of them, picturesque Yellow and Tarelochkin ponds. Main refreshment point will be located on the bank of Tarelochkin pond.
Saltykovsky is more of a forest than a park, thus most of the route runs along old forest paths. No park alleys, no gravel paths, just natural trails, dirt roads and the real forest feel.

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7:00 – открытие стартового городка, выдача стартовых пакетов иногородним участникам, дорегистрация (при наличии мест).

08:45 – разминка и брифинг для 54К

09:00 – старт 54К

09:15 – разминка и брифинг для 27К

09:30 – старт 27К

09:45 – разминка и брифинг для 13К

10:00 – старт 13К

10:15 – старт на дистанцию 1400 м (дети от 8 до 14 лет)

10:30 – старт на дистанцию 1400 м (дети младше 8 лет)

18:00 – закрытие финиша

18:30 – закрытие стартового городка

До 24.05.2020 расписание может быть незначительно изменено.

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Start pack:

стартовый номер;


4 булавки;

обслуживание в стартовом городке и на пунктах питания;

питание на финише;

медаль финишера (для финишировавших в пределах лимита времени).

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