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A series of online races GO-RUN.ONLINE "DARI DOBRO", the ultimate goal of which is to help children with serious diseases and give them a chance to recover.

Part of the cost of each slot is sent to the Charity Fund "Road of Life".

Our project is designed to enable as many caring people as possible to help seriously ill children.

Participate in the online race GO-RUN.ONLINE - let's do good together!

Attention! Only 100 places are allocated for this series of races, so as soon as possible register for the selected stage, send your results and get the coveted medal.

Remember: every kilometer is a chance for the child to recover and return to a full life

The more we run with you, the more children will receive vital help in time!

We will send 30% of the cost of each slot of the online race to the Charity Fund "Road of Life".

Together we will help children and their parents to get all the necessary help and return to normal life as soon as possible!

Let's help children together!

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Zhirikhov Maksim Vladimirovich IP
г. Москва, Луговой проезд, д.8, корп.1 кв 81, info@go-run.online, www.go-run.online