Run (trail) (56 km)

Воргольская скала

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Run (trail) (32 km)

Каньон воргол

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Run (trail) (12 km)

Smoked stone

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Run (trail) (5 km)


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Run (trail) (1 km)

Быстрый лис

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Run (trail) (500.0 m)

Зеленный луг

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Rock climbing


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Троллей со скал

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Event details

Vorgol rocks trail athletics trailer run

We invite you to participate in the athletics trailer race!

Remember how unfeasible we were as a child, how we wanted to spit energy in the run, when fresh wind in the face and bright sun fun the soul!

There is such an opportunity today!

After all for it don t need gym and special equipment.

Trail - it is always unpredictable! It 's not a bleak asphalt marathon! The flat surface is replaced by sharp descents and rises, crushed stone changes-grass or deep puddle, barbed sprouts are possible, and also obstacles in the form of brood across the river. Feel pioneers!

A large plus- during running the hormone joy-endorphin is produced, and the effect remains for a long time!

It has been proved that running changes the biochemical composition of blood by saturating it with oxygen, strengthens muscles, respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Our route is laid on picturesque places, at ancient Vorgol rocks. You will get unforgettable emotions! The landscape is changing as kaleidoscope-cozy poles, a river with crystal clear water, rocks very unusual for the Russian plain, the mysterious estate of the merchants of Taldykin will meet you along the way.

This weekend will take place in a warm spiritual company.

You are expected to entertain in the open air-games, yoga, boots on the water, rock climbing and songs under the guitar at the fire!

Event schedule

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10:00 - Открытие стартово-финишного городка

10:00–18:00 — Выдача стартовых пакетов зарегистрированным участникам начало работы раздевалок и камер хранения и ЭКСПО

14:00 - Старт детского забега на 500 м.

14:30 - Старт детского забега на 1км.

15:00 - Старт забега на 5км.

15:40 - Награждение победителей и призеров на дистанциях.

16:00 - Старт забега на 12км.

17:30 - Награждение победителей и призеров на дистанции 12км.

14:00 - 22:00 – Культурно-развлекательная программа.


07:00 - Открытие стартово-финишного городка, начало работы раздевалок и камер хранения.

07:00 - 08:00 - Выдача стартовых пакетов зарегистрированным участникам.

07:30 - Старт забега на 56км.

08:30 - Старт забега на 32км.

13:30 - Награждение победителей и призеров на дистанциях.

16:30 – Закрытие трассы.

11:00 – 17:00 – Культурно-развлекательная программа.

17:00 – Закрытие мероприятия и стартово-финишного городка.

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