run (63.3 km)

1,5 Ultramarathon =63,3km

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run (42.2 km)

1= Marathon = 42,2km

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run (21.1 km)

1/2 Marathon = 21,1 km

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run (10.55 km)

1/4 Marathon = 10,55 km

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run (5.275 km)

1/8 Marathon = 5,275 km Run

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run (5.275 km)

1/8 A marathon = 5,275 km of Kanikross (run with a dog)

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run (5.275 km)

1/8 Marathon = 5,275 km Scandinavian Walking

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run (1 km)

1/42 = 1 km "Children's start"

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Event details

Summer Marafon "Honey Saviour".
Traditional summer start Start of the St. Petersburg RUN of Seasons GRIFON RUN: warm, spicy, honey. Run, sing the song!
CHOOSE the MARATHON, the distance.

Honey Saviour - day in the national calendar of Slavs. Saviour all is noted three, in August: Honey on August 14, Apple on August 19, Nut on August 29, 2017.
We carry out a marathon to a week of honey Saviour, we have united all three Saviours in one marathon of August, fruitful. In 2017 participants ran the Marathon "Apple Saviour". In it, 2018 - we called the Marathon "Honey Saviour".
As well as any national holiday, Honey Saviour bears positive emotions. We wish you good luck and we wait on start.

Finisher medal II Summer Marafon "Honey Saviour" thematic, festive, with honey, honeycombs, and bees. Traditionally a medal cast, with enamel. Bilateral, we don't change the style. Fastens on a company tape with a cobalt grid with a logo and the name of the Marathon.

DRESS-KOD: yellow and black and striped clothes.
We will buzz on August 11 in the Specific park of St. Petersburg.

For those who have passed the I Marathon of 2017 "Apple Saviour" - within "Hunting behind medals" there is an opportunity to run also him.

Event schedule

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In the program of an action:

Track and field athletics competitions in the park of the Udelny anniversary of SPb at distances of 5,275 km, 10,55 km; 21,1 km, 42,2 km, 63,3 km around 5.275 km and 1 km "Children's start" by types of activity run, the Scandinavian walking, каникросс;

The concert program (a performance of on-stage performance groups, the DJ and the leader keep the program);

"Tea pause" - tea with cookies for participants and Field kitchen hot meals (pilaf/buckwheat with stewed meat);


Start. Finish.
- Start of an ultramarathon (63,3 km) at 9:30
Limit on overcoming a distance: 7 hours 00 minutes.
- Start of a marathon (42,2 km) at 10:00.
- Start of "Children's start" (1 km) at 11:15
- Start of participants of a distance of 5.275 km "The Scandinavian walking" at 11-30;
- Start of participants of a distance of 5.275 km of "Kanikross" at 11-45;
- Start of a distance of 21.1 km at 12:00.
- Start of a distance of 10,55 km at 12:05.
- Start of a distance of 5.275 km at 12:10.

- Rewarding on distances 13:00-15:30
- 16:30 closing of competitions;
- 17:00 – closing of the starting town.

Prestarting information: https://vk.com/topic-144268382_38614858

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