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One of the first runs recorded in human history is mentioned in the Bible, in the beginning of the book of Samuel. At the end of the war between the Israelites and the Philistines, the “Man of Benjamin” runs from the battlefield at Eben Ezer (modern day Rosh Ha’ayin) to Shiloh, city of the Tabernacle.

Today, thousands of years after the historic run, it has been commemorated once again. The route runs from Rosh Ha'Ayin inside Israel and then goes eastward through the West Bank, ending at the ancient biblical site of Tel Shilo, just outside the Jewish settlement bearing that name.

Event take place at Sukkot (Tabernacles) holidays. Time when Jewish leave houses to eat and sleep in huts which they build outdoors. Time to remember the history, the travels in the desert, and the entering the land of Israel for the first time as a nation. People leave familiar material possessions at home and leave comfort zone to remember history and connect to the ancient roots.

The Bible Marathon is a marathon of ascent, both topographically and spiritually. It's unique experience to run the same route which “A man of Benjamin” ran 3000 years ago.

Race established in 2015.

There are 42.2k | 21.1k | 10k | 5k , Family Run and Children with disabilities Run

Amazing 10k Vineyards Run

A gorgeous off-road route through the fertile Binyamin region, between the splendid vineyards of the boutique wineries, and olive groves from which the finest olive oil is produced. The route is reminiscent of Tuscany landscapes, filling runners with energy inspired by biblical views, history and nature.

Everything you need to know about something specific regarding accommodations and logistics should be right here or contact ira@marathonisrael.co.il

The Bible Marathon

Event schedule

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04:00Delivery of the start kits.
05:30Opening Ceremony and START of THE BIBLE MARATHON 42.2 km
07:00Ariel. Start of Half Marathon 21.1 km
07:40Start of 10k Vineyards Run. Ancient Shiloh.
07:30Start of 5 k Run. Ancient Shiloh.
10:15Start of Family run 1 km. Ancient Shiloh.
10:30Award ceremony and performance by famous Israelis rock groups

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