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Ladoga Trophy-Raid race is a six-day trail-railing competition.

Trail schedule:

May 24-25 - Registration of participants in St. Petersburg
May 26, morning - Start from St. Isaac's Square
May 27-29 - Stages of the trail
May 30 - Rest
May 31 - June 2 - Stages of the trail
June 3 - Summing up. Solemn closing of the event.

Participants will wait for a new stage of the trail every day. Each stage of the trail is a unique distance.

May 27 - the first day of the trail: half marathon, the track is laid along the sandy roads. The relief is practically absent.

May 28 - the second day of the trail: 20 km of the beach and dunes of Lake Ladoga in the mouth of the Tuloksy River.

May 29: 50 km of moderate relief, pine forests, sandy-stony roads, which accompany many lakes and moraine placers of stones.

May 31: 35 km in the vicinity of the river Kulismaioki and the waterfall Yukankoski. Sandy and stony forest roads, a broken logging road, bogged felling and outcrops of granite slabs of the "Baltic shield".

June 1st: hard 20-kilometer trail in mud and swamps. Running along sandy and stony forest roads, a jeep track, crossing several fords and a kilometer section along the edge of the lake, a morainic relief made of granite boulders.

June 2nd: 12 km route and relatively simple conditions make possible compensate the difference in time or to compete for the last seconds of your own result.

Event schedule

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Time limit for overcoming the trail distances:
27.05 - Half marathon - 3 hours 30 minutes.
28.05 - The dunes 20 km - 3 hours 40 minutes.
29.05 - 50 km - 8 hours 30 minutes.

31.05 - 35 km - 6 hours
01.06 - Dirt and ford. 20 km - 4 hours
02.06 - 12 km - 2 hours.

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