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Friends! Introducing the new race format!

Test yourself for endurance and run as long as you can!

Certainly, each of you wondered: "how many kilometers I will be able run without stop?"

Now it’s time to answer this question! We offers you to run as much as you can or want! Run in a motivating atmosphere of competition and with the support of the crowd!

August 5, 2018 in Bronnitsy you can run any distance! It does not matter – you are beginner or experienced athlete! We have no limit on the length of the distance. You decide which distance you want to run, in a bitter struggle with rivals and with yourself! Only one rule: you need to run*!

The competition will be held in a circle of length 2 kilometers. Your task is to run the circle no more than a limit: 12 minutes for men, and 13 minutes 30 seconds for women. As soon as the participant is unable to run the circle in the allotted limit, such a participant is considered to have finished. Also, the participant can voluntarily finish the race at any time.

The result of the participant is the number of circles overcome in accordance with the established limit*.

As a result of the competition, participants who overcome the greatest number of laps are awarded with prizes and diplomas! Awards are held in the absolute ranking, as well as in the age categories.

Additionally, participants are awarded in the absolute ranking (separately for men and women), who overcame 10, 20 and 42 kilometers with the highest speed.

Each participant will receive a commemorative medal indicating the distance he has overcome!

During the competition, we will install an electronic scoreboard, where in real time the participant will see how many kilometers he has already overcome, as well as his average pace for the last lap, the passage of the last lap and his position on the leaderboard.

Participants will be provided with a food item and refreshment.

Read the full terms and conditions in the " regulations on competitions"

* - under the terms of the competition, the participant must overcome each lap of the distance of 2 kilometers in no more than 12 minutes for men and 13min30sec for women.

Event schedule

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07: 00 – beginning of registration, opening of the starting town.

09: 15 – end of registration.

09: 20 – Briefing, warm-up for participants of race.

09:30 - Start

09:30-17:00 - Entertainment

10:30 -19: 30-Awarding of winners (as the distance is over)

19: 30 - closing of the route.

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