RUN (63.3 km)

1.5=Ультрамарафон = 63,3км

Participants count:

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RUN (42.2 km)

1=Марафон = 42,2км

Participants count:

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RUN (21.1 km)

1/2 Марафона = 21,1 км

Participants count:

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RUN (10.55 km)

1/4 Марафона = 10,55 км

Participants count:

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RUN (5.275 km)

1/8 Марафона = 5,275 км Каникросс (бег с собакой)

Participants count:

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RUN (5.275 km)

1/8 Марафона = 5,275 км Бег

Participants count:

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RUN (1 km)

1/42 = 1 км "Детский старт"

Participants count:

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1/8 Марафона = 5,275 км Северная (скандинавская) ходьба

Participants count:

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Event details

⛵ the Baltic Marathon - the most sea start of year from GRIFON RUN on the bank of the Gulf of Finland.
CHOOSE the MARATHON, the distance: On September 30, 2018 your distance (1 km, 5.275 km, 10.55 km, 21.1 km, 42.2 km, 63.3 km) waits for you in the park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg.
Run, the Scandinavian walking, каникросс, children's start - in the park and online.
🏃 the route Certified the RUN in Russia and in the world and marked, prizes from Partners, children's start, the bright concert program, sports master classes, an unusual sea medal with symbolics of SPb, color of mood blue - the most atmospheric running.

In St. Petersburg the sea – is! Let's remember that time when Peter I has decided to found on this place St. Petersburg. The purpose was to open a window to Europe. And the objectives have been achieved by the fact that Russia has received an entry in the Baltic Sea through the Gulf of Finland. Having filled in, of course, not the sea, but because of scale of access, it is possible to call it and so.

Therefore carrying out the Baltic Marathon in St. Petersburg is symbolical.

St. Petersburg is called "The city of all seas". Because from the Baltic Sea there is an entry in the Atlantic Ocean. We have put this sense in design of our medal.

Finisher medal Baltic Marafon - thematic, with the image of the founder of St. Petersburg Peter I, the running participants against the background of waves of the Baltic Sea, the Admiralty, Krestovsky stadium, Lahta center and the beacon of the park of the 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg where on September 30, 2018 there will pass the Marathon.

Motto of a marathon: "To fight and look for, find and not to be given!".
St. Petersburg - the city of all seas! RUN also to a mechtayta together in us!

Event schedule

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In the program of an action:

Track and field athletics competitions in the park of the 300 anniversary of SPb at distances of 5,275 km, 10,55 km; 21,1 km, 42,2 km, 63,3 km around 5.275 km and 1 km "Children's start" by types of activity run, the Scandinavian walking, каникросс;

The concert program (a performance of on-stage performance groups, the DJ and the leader keep the program);

"Tea pause" - tea with cookies for participants and Field kitchen hot meals (pilaf/buckwheat);


Start. Finish.
- Start of an ultramarathon (63,3 km) at 9:30
Limit on overcoming a distance: 7 hours 00 minutes.
- Start of a marathon (42,2 km) at 10:00.
- Start of "Children's start" (1 km) at 11:15
- Start of participants of a distance of 5.275 km "The Scandinavian walking" at 11-30;
- Start of participants of a distance of 5.275 km of "Kanikross" at 11-45;
- Start of a distance of 21.1 km at 12:00.
- Start of a distance of 10,55 km at 12:05.
- Start of a distance of 5.275 km at 12:10.

- Rewarding on distances 13:00-15:30
- 16:30 closing of competitions;
- 17:00 – closing of the starting town.

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