RUN (47 km)

XL (47k)

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RUN (23 km)

L (23k)

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RUN (8 km)

S (8k)

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Event details

Friends, we are pleased to invite you to the third annual GERMES: X-CROSS trail!

GERMES: X-CROSS 2019 is our interpretation of trailrunning in three distance options:

"S": ~ 8 km (in 1 round)

"L": ~ 23 km (in 1 round)

"XL" ~ 47 km (in 2 circles)

This year we are updating the design of all tracks! 8 km, there will be a completely new distance, and track 23 and 47 km will be redesigned by more than 30%.

Once again, our starting town will be located in the picturesque Eco-village near the city of Bronnitsy. And that means warm dressing rooms for the participants and a variety of entertainment for the audience!