RUN (64 km)

Chorrgor - 64km

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RUN (36 km)

East Petrelius - 36km

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RUN (14 km)

Small Wudyavr

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Murmansk region, city of Kirovsk, the Khibiny mountains. The largest mountain range on the Kola Peninsula. The geological age is about 390 million years. The first steps in the development of Khibiny man made only in the early twentieth century. Several large expeditions gave the world the basis for many scientific discoveries and completely new mineral deposits. Tourists first of all mastered the ski slopes - the season opens in November and closes in April. Now it's the turn to explore the Khibiny on trailrunners!


This is a weekend adventure, that is organized шт such a way that you come and get a starter kit on Saturday, ran on Sunday and Monday had time to return to your usual business and work. Each route is not just a number of kilometers, and the path to one of the natural attractions. Every year there will be new tracks. Each route will have its own unique medal design. All distances are already certified by ITRA and published. The launch will occur with a ski stadium tirvas and use its infrastructure. And there will also be a polar day, so forget about the night, all the time light.


SMALL VUDYAVR - 14.7 km, total climb of 390 meters

Small Vudyavr is the lake. Located at an altitude of 360 meters above sea level in the valley of the brook Paatsjoki between the ranges of Tahtarvumchorr and MT in the southern part of the Khibiny.A shallow picturesque lake surrounded by forest, locals consider the pearl of Khibiny. On the banks of the Small Vudyavr grow blueberries, cloudberries, cranberries and other berries. The lake is the fish, however, is not too big.

ITRA Points are not assigned, 3 mountain level, performance indicator-230


The route is simple and safe, it can be recommended for beginners. And for those who decided to show the speed records.

EAST PETRELIUS-36.4 km, total ascent 1060 meters

One of the passes of Petrelius. Named after the cartographer and surveyor Alfred Petrelius, thanks to which it became possible to actively develop the Khibiny. The pass is a classic wide saddle. North slope - gentle (25°), multi-sloped terraces out to the valley of the brook of Petrelius.

2 points ITRA 3 mountain level, performance indicator-290


The route will present surprises, it is recommended for trailrunners for which cross-country running is not new, who have at least a little experience of Hiking in the mountains.

CHORRGOR - 64.5 km, total climb 2420 meters

CHORRGOR - mountain gorge. Sounds as harsh as it is. The route passes through both passes South and North. the latter is the highest in the Khibiny - 1010 meters. At this distance you will find everything and a large stone scree and cold mountain rivers and dirt road. High probability to get acquainted with foxes, partridges and various rodents. We will pay special attention to this distance together with the local EMERCOM staff, we will place a special point to strengthen security and efficiency, in case you need help.

3 points ITRA, 4 mountain level, performance indicator 340


We recommend to get involved experienced trailrunners, who have not only long races, but also relief. Runners who are careful about the choice of equipment, confident in their abilities.


In order to be aware of the news of our start, we recommend you to subscribe to at least one of the accounts in social networks or events:

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The fastest way to get there is to fly to Apatity airport.

The best is to fly to the airport of Murmansk, from here to Kirovsk about two hundred kilometers, but we will arrange a transfer from the airport, on the eve of the start, on Friday and Saturday.

The most cost - effective way-road and rail.


At the moment we are forming a pool of hotels and hostels in Kirovsk. There are enough rooms for everyone, the city lives all winter ski tourism. In addition, by the end of April we will publish information about the camping.

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