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April 14, within the framework of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum will be a charity run for 5 km KIND FIVE.

This is a massive start, where together five kilometers will be run by serious businessmen, popular media persons, officials, and just indifferent Krasnoyarsk people. The race will be held within the framework of the Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum and will open the third day of the event.

Charity races are now held around the world and, as a rule, represent a short distance, which everyone can overcome. So is the KIND FIVE: it does not matter whether you are doing regular jogging, doing power fitness or yoga, or even last time wearing sneakers at the physical education class at school - hand in hand with seven hundred like-minded people to run five kilometers will be all right.

Starting fees of the participants of the race go to good deeds. The cost of registration in the KIND FIVE is 500 rubles, but if you want, you can add more, indicating it when registering on your own, all proceeds will be sent to the charity fund "Happy Children".

KIND FIVE will be held on April 14. The start will be given at 08:00 am on the embankment under the Communal Bridge. Prior to the race, all registered participants will receive a number with a personal chip for electronic timing. At the finish of each participant will be awarded an exclusive medal, as in all world races - such an award can be proudly hung at home and shown to friends in the instagram. In addition, the best photographers of Krasnoyarsk will work at the distance, who will capture for someone another, and for someone - the very first and important race.

KIND FIVE is an opportunity to become a hero for yourself and your loved ones, a hero for orphans, a hero for runners from all over the world who also accomplish this feat.

Getting the start package:

In order to receive a participant package, you must present a document proving your identity.

The issuance of launch packages will take place on April 12-13 from 10:00 to 20:00 TRIATLETA shop, Krasnoyarsk, ul. Partisans Zheleznyaka, 40a, second floure.

Each participant will receive:

- Member number with electronic chip

- Medal of the finisher

- Drink at the finish


The race will take place along the embankment of the Yenisei in the same circle.

The start and finish will be under the Communal bridge.

Event schedule

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07:00Opening of the start-finish town, issuing start packages
08:00Start of the race for 5 km
08:30Rewarding of the winners of the 5 km race
09:00Finish the last participant
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Tregubov Nikolai, director of the series of races Krasmarafon

+7 (902) 924-99-98


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ИП Кудрявцев АВ