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In Gubkin will be held a large-scale race "Cross Belogoriya"

September 14, 2019 in the city of Gubkin kicks off the charity race "Cross Belogoriya". The event is designed to promote running among young people and the population of the city of Gubkin and the entire Black Soil Region.
The plans of "Cross Belogorya" - to attract more than 1,000 runners. Tracks for 1, 2.5, 5 and 10 km were prepared for the runners, distances of 50, 300, 500 and 800 meters were developed for the very young participants. At the end of the race, all participants will receive memorable prizes and gifts - T-shirts, medals, numbers and more.
Cross-country race “Belogoriya” will take place along the picturesque, forest routes of the roller-skiing track “Orlyonok”.
The Art, Science and Sport Charitable Foundation provided free participation to athletes.
The distance of the participants will be tracked using an electronic timekeeping system used in international competitions.
The organizers also prepared an entertainment program for viewers of the cross. On the territory of the sports complex "Eaglet" a stage will be established where famous athletes of the city and region will perform. The guests also invited the head of the administration of the Gubkinsky urban district and the governor of the Belgorod region. More than 100 volunteers will help in the organization.
Time of the first start: 10:00, the issuance of start packages will begin at 8:00. Registration of participants on the site www.vsenasport.rf.
The organizers of the Cross-Country Belogorye Charity Run are the Alisher Usmanov Charity Foundation “Art, Science and Sport”, the Administration of Youth Policy, Physical Culture and Sports of the Administration of the Gubkinsky City District and the ANO Center for the Development and Promotion of Physical Culture and Sports.

Event schedule

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07:30 - открытие стартового-финишного городка;
08:00-09:50 Регистрация участников соревнований;
09:50 – 10:00 построение участников забегов около сцены;
10:00 – торжественное открытие соревнований;
10:10 - начало детских забегов:
10:20 – фан-забег 50м. для самых маленьких от 0 до 5 лет
10:30 - детский забег на 300 м мальчики 6-7 лет.
10:40 - детский забег на 300 м девочки 6-7 лет.
10:50 - детский забег на 500 м мальчики 8-9 лет.
11:00 - детский забег на 500 м девочки 8-9 лет.
11:10 - детский забег на 500 м мальчики 10-11 лет.
11:20 - детский забег на 500 м девочки 10-11 лет.
11:30 - детский забег на 800 м мальчики 12-13 лет.
11:40 - детский забег на 800 м девочки 12-13 лет.
11:50 – юноши 1 км, 14-15 лет.
12:00 – девушки 1 км, 14-15 лет.
12:15 – старт забега на 2,5 км, юноши и девушки в категории 16-18 лет; мужчины и женщины 18+ лет;
12:30 – старт забега на 5 и 10 км, мужчины и женщины 18+ лет;
12:40 – награждение победителей детского забега;
13:00 – награждение победителей забега 1 км.
13:20 – награждение победителей забега на 2,5 км.
13:40 – награждение победителей забега на 5 км.
14:00 – награждение победителей забега на 10 км.
14:20 – закрытие зоны финиша;
14:30 – закрытие соревнований.

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