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Event details

Where: Yasnaya Polyana - 200 km from Moscow, 14 km from Tula

When: March 3

Distances: 13 and 26 km (2 circles) + children's run

Organizers: Tula Marathon and RRUNS running group with the support of the Yasnaya Polyana Museum

In 1859, Lev Nikolayevich opened a school for peasant children in Yasnaya Polyana. In this school, they learned to read, count and write, they had classes in Russian history, natural science, drawing and singing. The school had banned the rods, and this was one of the reasons why they did not scare the children away from the teaching, they felt free and fun.

Free, fun and without suffering - this is how our start will be!

The first kilometers pass directly through the estate of Lev Nikolayevich. The one about which Tolstoy and his relatives wrote in their diaries and letters and whom Yasnaya Polyana’s guests admired so much. It was here that the famous works were born: “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina” and many others.

It is widely known passion Lev Nikolayevich walking. While taking walks, he very often chose new paths and stitches, because of this he got into unfamiliar places and, in order to get out onto the road to the house, he overcame various obstacles - overgrown thickets and bushes, ditches and fences. Great was the surprise of those who knew Lev Nikolayevich, when they saw him with a cheerful grin moving through the fence ...

Lev Nikolaevich was not satisfied with relatively close walks, although the path he took during his morning walks would have been possible only by a well-trained walker. Tolstoy in the 58-year-old, and then at more than 60-year-old, made three trips from Moscow to Yasnaya Polyana; in 5-6 days, he traveled a distance of more than two hundred kilometers. With a stick in his hands and a back bag, Lev Nikolaevich walked briskly along the road, continually encouraging his fellow travelers.

"Yasnaya Polyana" is not only a literary museum, but also a nature reserve. For over ninety years, all landscapes have been carefully preserved and restored by the efforts of museum staff. The route will pass through Yushkin top,

Bald mountain, Voronka river, Old arable land, Pallet top, Apple orchards and past the house of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy himself. Will be carefully marked and rolled by snowmobiles.

Finisher's medal in the style of Russian commemorative and table medals of the second half of the nineteenth century.

According to statistics of the last 15 years - the average temperature on March 3 in Yasnaya Polyana is minus 4 Celsius. However, in 2017 it was 4 degrees above zero, and in 2018 it was minus 15!

Traditionally, there is a lot of snow, so we will try to use it to the maximum to prepare the starting camp, which you can get through the field gate. Both before the start and after, you will certainly have the opportunity to get acquainted with the museum and immerse yourself in the work and life of a great writer.

Event schedule

Collapse Expand
March 02, 2019, Saturday
10:00 - 18:00 Issuance of starter packs in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Tula Kremlin

March 03, 2019, Sunday
10:00 * Opening of the start and finish campus, start of issuing start packages
11:00 Competition Opening
12:00 300 m child start
12:20 Start of the children's race at 600 m
12:40 Start at a distance of 13.5 km and 26 km;
14:00 ** Award winners 13.5 km;
15:30 ** Award winners 26 km;
16:40 Closing Competition
* - the issuance of start numbers ends 30 minutes before your start
** - award time can be adjusted depending on the time of leaders.
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