Run (80 km)

HARDCORE - Markotkh Trail Ultramarathon 80K

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Run (30 km)

MEDIUM - Markotkh Trail 30K

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Run (16 km)

LIGHT - Markotkh Trail 16KМ

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Run (4 km)

FAST - Sprint Trail 4km

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Markoth comes from the name of the 90k mountain chain that is part of Greater Caucasus. Most of the distances start from Novorossiysk. Here you can find numerous mining quarries which formed at the end of the 19th century a man-made landscape. You will also enjoy impressive views on the non-freezing Tsemess Bay so much cited in history books. This land witnessed the Russian-Turkish war, tragedy of the sinking Admiral Nakhimov cruiser; it’s also the land to the Black Sea fleet and to Malaya Zemlya (lit. « Minor Land »).


Mediterranean climate.

Ideal daytime temperature for running: 13’C-14’C.

April is out of the 3 most cold months, as well as it is out of the 3 hottest or the 4 most windy and rainy months. 


The Markoth range is made of marl and stone used to produce cement which also uses sedimentary rocks of the Cretaceous period: sandy clay, limestone, clay. The peaks are flat, often without trees, the main slopes have natural earth roads. You can contemplate the bird’s eye panorama of the Tsemess or Gelendzhik Bays. The clouds during the Northeaster bring fog to the woods. The 16k and 30k distances will go through the Novorossiysk part of the range. The ultra marathon distance will take you to Gelendzhik with a loop through the mountain roads towards the Shapsungskaya village and back through the Babich passage.

FAST - Sprint Trail 4k | Ascent: 300+

1km - possibility of warming up, setting your mind on your aim and leaving behind the other runners.

2km -  uphill running with 300 meters of elevation gain after which you are recompensed with the panorama view on Gelendzhik.

3 km & 4 km - going downhill by the stone road

The FAST trail is held on both days: Saturday the 15th of April and Sunday the 16th. Those who are motivated can use this distance as a warm-up before the main distances in Novorossiysk.


Introductory course to trail running. It will be perfect for those who want to change the asphalt for the forest, mountains but who are not confident about their running experience and who haven not run more than a 10k. This said, do not think that this will be easy, but the challenge will not last long and will be compensated by the picturesque race course.  The elevation gain will not exceed 700-800m. The course is under development at the moment, that is why information on this distance is not yet included in the races schedule.

MEDIUM - advanced trail 30k | ascent: 1500+

This course will demand a lot of your concentration and attention: several rocky parts will be quite aggressive to those runners in a daze. The track will challenge your endurance resources: there will be sudden uphills with inclination up to 48%, downhills that are hard to get through in a relaxed mode, a cascade of small but numerous forest hills. Nevertheless there will be an opportunity for meditative running. However, at these sections to improve the result you will definitely want to speed up and make it up for the lost time. It goes without saying that beautiful views is a wonderful reason to spend some more minutes at check-points or pitstops. And if you know what ITRA means, you will be happy to learn that this distance will deliver 2 points.

HARDCORE - Markotkh Trail Ultramarathon 80K | ASCENT: 3000+

The locals still don’t believe that there are people able to cover this distance during daylight hours. This distance has kept the best of the best for the best: impressive views and obstacles providing the same deepness of emotions. After you separate from 30k distance runners, the real fun will begin. Up and down, in the forest and out, here is one picturesque landscape, here is another. Oops! There’s a ford. Not deep but refreshing, oh, here is another one… We can’t tell you the exact number. It will depend on the amount of precipitations during the previous weeks. To make it more interesting we will add a couple of autonomous sections of about 15-20k. Pitstops every 5k is for the weak which is definitely not you. The cut off time is 17h. If you are late at any check point, you will stay chilling with the volunteers before you are picked up. If you finish, feel free to be proud of yourself. We will definitely be. Quite frankly we expect less than a half to finish. If we are wrong, the distance will be increased to 100k in 2018.

By mid December we will have prepared the package offers with accommodation and transfers


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Event schedule

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15th of April, Gelendzhik (zone 51)


Opening of the race village


Start of transfer circulation*: Gelendzhik - race village 


Pick up of the gear bags


Start of the 4k sprint trail  


80k runners briefing


30k runners briefing


Closing of the race village


16th of April, Novorossiysk (quarry)


Opening of the race village

Start of transfer circulation*:

— Novorossiysk - race village

— Gelendzhik - race village


80k ultra-trail start


30k trail start


16k trail start


16k and 30k podium awards


16 and 30k distance cut off


Start of transfer circulation*:

— Race village - Novorossiysk

— Race village - Gelendzhik


Closing of the race village


16th of April – Gelendzhik (zone 51)


Opening of the race village


Pick up of the gear bags – 4k (2 day)


4k sprint trail start


80k podium awards


80k cut off


Closing of the race village

*more detailed information on transfers from Novorossiysk and Gelendzhik to the racing villages will be provided additionally


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