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Second chances in life are rare, but this is the case.

If for some reason you didn't manage to run in Sibai, not everything is lost.

You can still claim an additional medal in the series, just take part in the online race!

Order of actions:

1) Choose a suitable distance: 21 km with a medal or 10 km without a medal and pay for participation. If you choose a slot with a reward, be sure to write the correct address.

2) Runs the selected distance where and when convenient. At a time. The main thing is to do it before may 1, 2019.

3) Send to e-mail info@ufamarathon.ru proof of running – a screenshot of any running app with distance and date. In the subject line indicate "online race Sibay."

4) After may 1, we will start sending medals, and you will be included in the contenders for an additional medal of the MTS Bashrun series at the finish of the Ufa international marathon.

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