Ski race (30 km)

30 km

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Ski race (20 km)

20 km

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Ski race (10 km)

10 km

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Ski race (5 km)

5 km

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Ski race (3 km)

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Event details

The organizer of the race: PROO "Potok" (Potok.team) is the largest multisport event organizer in the Perm Territory.

The race is held at the ski base "Prikamye", address: Perm, st. Agronomical, 23

Why you should come to Perm on March 09 for the Perm Ski Track ski race:

1) The track at the ski resort "Prikamye": 90% of the track goes through a dense forest, where there is almost no wind, a lot of snow (Perm is the snowiest millionaire in the world!). The winners of the Olympic Games trained on this track. The finish line is 300 meters! 90% of the route is slopes and ascents up to 700 meters long. On a circle of 10 km, you will find 10 ascents and 10 descents, on which you can reach speeds of 60 km / h!

2) 3 distances: 5, 10 and 30 km. Choose what you like best!

To keep abreast of race news, join our group in VK Perm Ski

Event schedule

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08:00Открытие стартово-финишного городка, начало выдачи стартовых пакетов
10:00Торжественное открытие 
10:30Старт на дистанцию 5 км
11:15Старт на дистанцию 10 км
12:00Старт на дистанцию 30 км
11:30Награждение победителей и призёров на дистанции 5 км
12:15Награждение победителей и призёров на дистанции 10 км
14:00Награждение победителей и призёров на дистанции 30 км
15:00Закрытие трассы

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Contact us:

PROO "Potok"

614111, Perm, ul. Soldatova, 36


E-mail: AZAQ@mail.ru

Beneficiary information

ПРОО Поток
614111, Пермский край, Пермь г, Солдатова ул, дом № 36, офис 1