RUN (21.1 km)

21,1 km

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RUN (10 km)

10 km

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RUN (5 km)

5 km

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RUN (2 km)

2 km

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RUN (600.0 m)

600 m

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RUN (300.0 m)

300 m

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Event details

Race Limit: 3 hours

Medical report: Required!


III The Tula Half Marathon is the first truly summer event of the season in the Tula Marathon series.

The main news of this start: III The Tula Half Marathon will be part international half-marathon OneRun!

One day, the whole country starts in one minute.

This is a real sports festival for the city, a source of running inspiration and the opportunity to see an incredible amount of like-minded people. In 2019, it will be possible to run along with the whole country in Tula.

What awaits you?

  • beautiful T-shirts in the starter pack,
  • quick registration,
  • changing rooms and storage,
  • catering facilities every 2.5 km,
  • RussiaRunning Timing chip result fixing system,
  • original finisher medal - sure, you don’t have such a medal,
  • inspirational music,
  • admiration of the fans and just a great mood!

We are ready to meet more than 1000 participants in the homeland of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy, the homeland of the most delicious Tula gingerbread, the hot Tula samovar, which we will sink for you with pine cones, Lefty, the savvy flea and the centuries-old history of the world famous Tula weapon.

Mark your next victory on our III Tula Half Marathon!

We are waiting for you at the start!

To receive a start package, the participant must submit:

  • ID and age document;
  • original or copy (upon presentation of the original) medical certificate with the signature and stamp of the doctor on the model:

Event schedule

Collapse Expand
May 18, 2019, Saturday
10:00 - 18:00 Issuance of starter packs in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Tula Kremlin

May 19, 2019, Sunday
06:30 * Opening of the start and finish campus, start of issuing start packages
08:00 5 km start
08:50 Competition Opening
09:00 Start at a distance of 10 km and 21.1 km
09:20 ** Award winners 5 km
10:00 ** Award winners 10 km
10:50 ** Award winners 21.1 km
12:00 300 m start
12:20 600 m start
12:40 2 km start
13:10 ** Award winners 2 km
13:20 Closing Competition
* - the issuance of start numbers ends 30 minutes before your start
** - award time can be adjusted depending on the time of the leaders.
Terms (448 Kb) Russian / international race certificate (2 Mb) Go to event web site Results Start list

Start pack:

фирменная экипировка
чип для индивидуального хронометража
номер участника
раздаточные материалы

Beneficiary information

Konov Ilya Vladimirovich IP
300005, г.Тула,Привокзальный район, ул.Воздухофлотская, д.43а,помещение 2