SKI RACE (600.0 m)

600 m FR (children 5-8 years old)

Participants count:


SKI RACE (1.2 km)

1,2 km FR (children 9-12 years old)

Participants count:


SKI RACE (1.2 km)

1,2 km FR (children 13-15 years old)

Participants count:


SKI RACE (12 km)

12 km FR

Participants count:


Event details

Competitive style: free

Race limit: 2 hours

Medical report: for children and adults is required!


  • pensioners by age (men from 60 years old, women from 55 years old) - 50%
  • for club applications for mail info@tulamarathon.org from 10% to 15%

Vedenin Ski Night - the ski race, which will be held in Tula for the first time on a new ski scooter & nbsp; the track named two-time Olympic champion Vyacheslav Petrovich Vedenin.

The track was completed in September 2018 in compliance with all modern standards, equipped with artificial lighting and snowmaking, & nbsp; able to produce snow already at -2 ° C, which guarantees the presence of snow in almost any weather conditions.

A professional snowcat will be used to prepare the track, having all the necessary sheds to prepare the track according to European standards.

Vedenin Ski Night is probably one of the first ski events at the beginning of the season in the CFD, which can please participants with a good track, a high level of organization and guaranteed snow.

An essential standard for all events of the Tula Marathon series is:

  • electronic timekeeping;
    • medals for all finishers;
    • hot meals at the finish;
    • warm changing rooms and a wardrobe for storing things (ski base);
    • availability of toilets;

    We are waiting for you at the start!

    To receive a start package, the participant must submit:

    • ID and age document
    • for children - the original or a copy (upon presentation of the original) of a certificate of admission to physical education
    • for adults - the original or a copy (upon presentation of the original) of the certificate of the medical organization with the signature and seal of the doctor on the model:

    Event schedule

    Collapse Expand
    January 24, 2020, Friday
    16:00 - 19:45 Preliminary issuance of starter packs in the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Tula Kremlin

    January 25, 2020, Saturday
    15:00 * Opening of the start-finish town, the beginning of the issuance of starter packs
    16:40 Opening of the competition
    17:00 Children's race at 600 m NE (children 5-8 years old)
    17:20 Children 1.2 km race (children 9-12 years old)
    17:40 Children 1.2 km race (children 13-15 years old)
    18:00 Start at a distance of 12 km
    18:15 ** Awarding of the winners of children's starts
    19:20 ** Awarding of winners at 12 km
    19:35 ** Awarding of winners in 12 km age groups
    19:50 Closing the competition
    * - issuance of start numbers ends 30 minutes before your start
    ** - awarding time can be adjusted depending on the time of leaders.
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    Start pack:

    chip for individual timing
    member number

    Beneficiary information

    Konov Ilya Vladimirovich IP
    300005, г.Тула,Привокзальный район, ул.Воздухофлотская, д.43а,помещение 2