RUN (47 km)

"XL" (47km)

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RUN (23.5 km)

"L" (23,5km)

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RUN (8 km)

"S" (8km)

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GERMES series of racing events happy to invite you to the trail GERMES: X-CROSS 2017

GERMES: X-CROSS 2017 is our interpretation of cross-country running in three different distances:

• "S": 8.3 km (in 1 lap)

• "L": 23.5 km (in 1 lap)

• "XL": 47 km (in 2 laps)

"S" is a short, but high-speed distance. In practice it’s a "cross country" in the classical sense. 8,3km. on trampled forest paths without any obstacles! Excellent for the trail dummies. Cut off time 1 hour 30 minutes.

"L" - Distance, which offers participants the verification of both high-speed and technical skills. The length of the track is 23.5 km. 90% laid along forest and field trails, with natural obstacles of fallen trees, dense grass, bushes, ditches, etc. Requires special attention and care from athletes. In the middle of the distance there is a refreshment point. Cut off time 3 hours.

"XL" is a ultramarathon trail for those who like "a little bit more". If the marathon for you is not so long, and yoor feet have long been accustomed with dirt - "XL" distance is your choice! 47 unforgettable kilometers through the forests and fields near the town of Bronnitsy. “XL” is a 2 laps distance total height rise about 600 meters. Cut off time 7 hours.

Participants who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the absolute classification (separately among men and separately among women) at each distance are awarded memorable prizes;

All finishers will be awarded design medals!

Also, all participants will receive hot meals and drinks at the end of the race.

The accuracy of the results is guaranteed by electronic timing.

Location: Bronnitsy, Ski slope

Coordinates of the starting campus: 55.406981, 38.278196

(Approximately 500 meters south of the address of Bronnitsy, Brick passage., 7)

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Event schedule

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08:15 - Beginning of registration, opening of the starting camp.

10:00 - Registration deadline.

10:00 - Briefing 8km, warm-up for the participants of the race.

10:15 - Start at a distance of 8km.

10:20 - Briefing 23km and 47km.

10:30 - Start at the distance of 23km. and 47km.

11:30 - Awarding the winners of the distance 8km.

13:00 - Awarding of the winners of the race 23km.

15:30 - Awarding the winners of the race 47 km.

17:00 - Closure of the track.

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